Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Happy Birthday Tyson!

Today is our boy's 4th birthday...that makes him 28 in dog years! Technically, Seth, Me, and Tyson are temporarily the same age since Seth is already 28 and I will turn 28 this month! HA!!! Tyson is our sweet dog that Seth got me for my 24th birthday! He is a great companion...to me and the little girls. I tend to feel lonely while I am pregnant and Tyson was there for me while I was pregnant with Jules to keep me company! He took a nap with me everyday while I was pregnant...He laid his little head on my legs and we had a great afternoon almost every single day! He also always makes me feel safer when Seth goes out of town. T gets to sleep with me on those nights...and I just always feel better knowing he is there with me.

Seth started calling Tyson, T-Bone a long time ago...and now that is the only name that Jillian ever refers to him as. As soon as she wakes up, she wants to know where Baby Jules and T-Bone are. Tyson is so good to Jillian...he just sits back and takes what she throws at him like a man. Jillian often will take our her frustrations by taking a whack at him, and Tyson just allows it! He knows though, that once she gets to eating something...she always has a little leftover for him to munch on!
We are blessed to have Tyson as our sweet dog. No other dog could ever possibly be as gentle as he has been with both of the babies. I know Tyson doesn't see as much love as he did before the girls were born...but we still love the guy like our only son!!!!
So, Happy Birthday T-BONE...in case you are reading this!
Tyson snuggling up to his favorite toy...the Razorback. This toy looks nothing like this today. It has since been completely gutted and malled. Tyson is very notorious for taking all toys and chewing off the eyeballs and ripping out their insides through that small hole! Even toys that say they are indestructible can not stand up against the force that is Tyson!
Tyson and Big Brother Miller getting to know eachother 4 years ago! What sweet boys!!!
Look at that face...Pugs are the cutest puppies to ever live! No one could change my mind about that! Just looking at this picture makes me want to get another one!

Jillian (7 months) and T-Bone hanging out on the couch together!

Jules and T-Bone taking a nap! Tyson is the best napper!!!

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Carolyn said...

Happy Birthday you butt-showing pug you! ;) I do love Tyson...even if he does snort all the time and lick my feet and breath his dog breath on me. And you KNOW what else I'm thinking of...

Rachel said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this post, it made me tear up!!! Makes me want to hug Tyson, and miss Miller so much!! Pugs ARE the cutest ever and are so GREAT with kids!!! Cooper will forever be my first boy and he is my best buddy too!! Tell him Cooper, and Oscar, wish him a Happy Birthday!!

Tara Caire said...

awwww tyson is so freaking adorable! I met miller along time ago! what a sweet boy he was too.

ps.. i liked the new 90210 too!

marcy said...

Happy Birthday to my GRANDpug! He is truly a loyal, loving, faithful, and SNORING member of the family.
He is the perfect "brother" for Jillian and Jules as well as a perfect pet for your family.
I love you Tyson -