Sunday, August 31, 2008

Silly Girls

Here are the girls just hanging out together being cute! Jules always sits in the Bumbo seat and Jillian thinks that she needs to be right up there on the cabinet with her!

2 girls...hanging out

Jules giving us a little smile

Jillian just being silly as usual

Here is Jillian's long hair. I have still never given her a haircut, but I want to go get it trimmed just to keep it healthy. Will it make her curls go away???

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Carley said...

Your girls are so cute! I just ordered a little hat like that for my daughter, I can't wait to get it.

As for your daughter's hair, trimming it might lighter which could mean more curls, that's what happened to my hair. But don't take my word for it, I have no hair-cutting experience!

SDG said...

I can't believe her hair does that all on it's own, how great! The girls are precious as always!

Kelli said...

My mom has always said (who used to be a beautician) that the lighter the hair the more curly it will be. Giving it a trim should not get rid of the curls...

Rachel said...

CUTE pictures!! Her hair is so pretty, I really noticed her curls in the "First First day of school pics"!!

Carolyn said...

Jules looks too cute in that little chair! And don't cut Jilly's hair, its so pretty and shiny, I love the curls!!!!
Miss you!