Sunday, August 24, 2008

Jules is FOUR months old...WOW!!!

Today is the day that I found out I was pregnant with Jules one year ago! I just can't even believe the difference in our lives from that day to today! I was scared to death on how I was going to manage two babies and had overwhelming guilt for having to force Jillian to grow up faster than I wanted her to. I really was sad and confused for a while before I started to get excited about this baby. I felt guilty thinking it at the time because I know so many people who struggle with getting pregnant, and here I was getting this gift that I didn't even know I wanted.

Well, now here we whole year later...and our little surprise just turned 4 months old on Friday! Jules is SOOOO much fun and just always keeps us all smiling all the time with her sweet personality and her big drooly smiles! She rolls over from her tummy to back and is trying to roll from back to tummy...she gets halfway there and then just hangs out on her side. Her latest infatuation is her feet. She LOVES to grab her feet all the time and sometimes is sticking them in her mouth. We finally moved Jules to her room at about 3 1/2 months...after she was cleared from the whooping cough and I was ready to let her go. She is doing really well in there at night...sleeping from about 9 or so at night until around 4-6 a.m. Every morning is different...but at least we are getting that much sleep! Napping on the other hand, is not Jules' best trait! She is starting out as quite the cat-napper...which is also what Jillian did as a baby. I am trying my hardest to get her taking two big naps a day like I had Jillian doing at her age...but my goodness, when you have two babies, it sure is different from one!!! WE will get there...hopefully sooner rather than later!

Here is Jules' 4 month picture...and Jillian's for comparison. Jillian had already lost all of her hair by she was bald...I mean, COMPLETELY bald at 4 months! (Jillian went from a head full of dark hair to bald almost overnight! She looked like a cancer patient to me because I was so used to seeing her hair! It was really a weird thing!) So, does this mean Jules will keep her pretty blonde hair??? I sure hope so! My mom got a big kick out of one of Jules' nurses in the hospital when she was born. This nurse said that Jules' hair looked like the kind that doesn't fall out! WHAT???? We thought that was funny...I mean, how could anyone possibly know that. But, maybe she was right!

Jules at 4 months

Jillian at 4 months (what an embarrassing-ly small bow!!! I kid!)

Here are some pictures of Baby Jules over the last month just doing her thing!

Jules letting Big Sister push her around in the stroller

Hanging out in the Bumbo

Playing in the Exersaucer

Trying to get a tan out at the pool

Swinging outside and supporting her favorite football team

Looking like a little pink cupcake at church

Snoozing in mommy's bed!

Looking...OH so cute!!! And keeping tight on that passy...we don't want that getting very far now, do we?

Watching the olympics...gymnastics were her favorite and she is a HUGE Michael Phelps fan!

Hanging outside in matching outfits with big sister!

Ok, I know I talk about how smiley this baby is...and yet NONE of these pictures show that! It is hard to get her to smile when I have my HUGE camera in front of my face! So, I promise, more smiley pictures to come soon!!!

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SDG said...

Happy 4 month birthday Jules! And I thought 2 weeks went by quickly! :) She is a doll, just like her big sis!

Rachel said...

Happy 4 months Jules!! This is such a sweet post and she is growing up so fast!! I LOVE the bear picture of her, OH THAT SMILE!! And I could just eat that brown headband and makes me want to have another girl so bad!! She is a doll!!! Hopefully we will see her sometime this fall!!

Carolyn said...

Jules is such a sweet baby girl, Aunt Carol loves her so much! Its so precioud to see them in matching outfits...I need to come see them soon I miss them both!!!

Carolyn said...

*precious :)