Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Jules in the Exersaucer

Jules has just recently discovered a new toy! It is absolutely obnoxious looking...I mean, would it hurt to make baby toys in chocolate brown and cream???? Anyway, back to Jules...the reason for this post. She is really growing and totally hitting a new stage. This makes me very happy in a way because I remember with Jillian...as she grew, each stage got more and more fun (until 2!!!). So, I am happy to see Jules hitting some fun new milestones as well. She is loving toys and reaching for them. I think she even has her favorites. BUT, on the other hand, I get sad thinking that my baby is no longer a newborn as I keep referring to her as. She is an actual baby now and growing right before my eyes!!!!
Here are just a couple pictures of her playing in "The Eye Sore" as I like to refer to it as!

Here is Jules looking totally over-stimulated in the primary colored craziness!!!

Sweet Baby girl getting to know her new toy

Here she is showing off her double chin that I love so much!

The drooling monster!
And then OF COURSE, Big sister had to get in there and show Baby Jules how it was done!

Jillian pushing some buttons.

Yes, I let my kids play with prescription medicine. What, you don't?
Jillian actually has been getting in this fun toy and walking all through our house plowing over anything that is in the way...this includes Tyson!!! We call her the tank!

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Rachel said...

You are too funny! I totally agree, I HATE THESE TOYS, but the kids love them! Someone would make bank if they could come up with something in brown or anything that did not hurt your eyes!!

Oh and yes, I do let my kids with medicine =)...with Shane working for Bayer, I cannot tell you how many unopened containers of aspirin and Aleve have been thrown all over this house by O. Cute pictures!

Katie said...

This is funny to me bc this past weekend my husband and I were at babies r us walking down the exersaucer aisle complaining about how they scream "I'm a baby toy in the middle of your home!" We did get a swing that is chocolate brown and cream.

Summer said...

I love picture #2. She is too cute in it. I think in #4 she is a clone of Seth. Are you sure it isn't Seth bouncing around in that obnoxious thing?

Carolyn said...

That is SO funny B!! The toys are just annoying, including the noise the pink barbie shoes on the hard floors make...it's really shocking that more house wives don't go insane with all that stimulation/noise overload.

Allison said...

Love the part about all the wonderful milestones...until 2! I too let my kids play with prescription medicine!!!