Monday, August 25, 2008

Back To School Breakfast

Last Friday, my sister had a Back To School Breakfast...complete with pajama attire and a bunch of kiddos getting prepared to start waking up early for school again. So, we got the girls all dressed up in their finest PJ's and headed over for donuts and juice! The party was really fun and Jillian had a great time eating too many donuts and hanging out with Ansley and Macy's older friends. Jules also didn't mind getting passed around and held by anyone who would take her!

Here are some pictures of the Back To School Pajama Party!

Jilly and Baby Jules in their jammies

The Fab 5...Macy, Jillian, Ansley, Jules, Emerson

All the kids playing on the playground

Jillian and Macy on the swings...are the playing together? Are they fighting? Who can ever actually tell with these two?
Jillian eating donuts...notice no one else is still sitting on the blanket eating except for my little sweet tooth girl!

Papaw had to come because him and Mimi had a meeting that morning. Even though Papaw is used to being surrounded by women...he still opted to stay inside away from all the crazy girls outside!!! Here he is with two of his favorites...Emerson and Jillian.

Here is Jules concentrating really hard on holding that passy

Here is Mimi taking care of the Baby

Aunt K even made an appearance...and for some reason Jillian WON'T take a good picture with K. Jillian even calls her Korky and talks about her when she isn't around...but WILL NOT take a picture. Who knows why?
Going Back to School brings back such fun memories for me...because I LOVED school and new school supplies, new clothes, a locker mate (which Seth had never heard of before I mentioned it yesterday...what????), organizing my desk, new teachers, etc! Well, Jillian is starting school this year and I couldn't be more excited. I mean, YES, she is only going for one day a week, but I just know that she is going to have so much fun! We went the other night to meet her teachers and I just felt so good about her school. She has three really sweet teachers and her whole classroom was just adorable! My favorite part of the day was coming home and filling out her "All About Me" questionaire...I just love a good worksheet to fill out!!! So, stay tuned for Jillian's very FIRST First Day of School...tomorrow!!!

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Carolyn said...

Cute, what a fun back to school party! That picture of the fab five is adorable.
I LOVED my locker mate, it was one of my favorite things to buy, install and organize! Seth missed out!!!!

annalee said...

What a great idea! I am stowing that one away for a few years from now. Have a fun 1st day with Jillian!

Rachel said...

What a cute party...I am definitely going to have to steal that one!! Good Luck at school tomorrow!! I used to love "Back to School" time, but now it makes me a nervous wreck about Claire =). Have fun tomorrow, I know the pictures will be soooo cute!! These kids are growing up way too fast!! BTW - locker mates were the best...Seth must have had a messy locker!!

Marty Rhea Hill said...

You have not changed a bit since college. I am sitting here laughng out loud picturing you dancing around and getting so excited about Jillian's new pencils. Congrats on your baby girl. Have fun!

Mindy said...

that is such a good idea! Summer always has the best little ideas for the girls. And yes I too love a locker mate. Seth is crazy if he didnt know what that was. I think you can still get them at Target. Pretty sure you can. hehe.

Alicia said...

Thanks - and happy late anniversary to you guys too!!

I agree summer 2001 was definitely one of the best ever. I will always remember feeling so young and completely carefree that summer. I still can't believe we are all married mommies now...I love it! ...and I love checking in on your blog. I hope Jillian's first day goes well!