Tuesday, August 19, 2008

A Day on the Swings

A couple weekends ago, we grilled outside and let the girls play on Jillian's old swingset. It has been so hot in Texas this summer, that we have not been outside in our backyard in like a month! It really sucks, but Baby Jules and Mama just DON'T do 107!!!! It also stinks for Jillian because she got a tricycle for her birthday, and has BARELY gotten to use it! She just has to look at it everyday when we get in the car with me promising that LATER...we will take a ride! And by later, I mean October! Anyway, we had a little relief so we sat outside for a while and enjoyed our toys!

Here is Jules trying the big girl swing on for a change. She really liked it. Jillian also really liked pushing Jules and thinking she was the big girl! This was the day of the first Cowboy preseason game, so Jules has on her Cowboys onesie...and no bow, so this might be what our son would look like if we were to ever have one of those!!!

Big Sister pushing Little Sister

Jillian seems to be having a little more fun than Jules!

Look at those Big Blue Eyes...and those pouty pink lips...I just want to bite her face it is so cute!!!! She is also MAJORLY drooling right now...so bubbles and drool everywhere!!!

Happy Girl

I love this picture! Jules is showing her Cowboy pride!!!

Sweaty Big sis...as usual!

Here she is on her bicycle...and just for the record...she no longer says bi-cutcyle! It is a sad day...I keep trying to get her to say it like that again, and I am just confusing her. So, my now grown up kid calls it a bicycle. I might as well just send her off to college now!

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Carolyn said...

I think Jules needs one of those feed buckets like a horse, to trap all that slobber!! She is so funny in that swing, it's like she has no spine or something...just slumped over, drooling in the heat!
That pic of Jilly from the back is too cute, love those piggies!

Rachel said...

Such cute pictures!! I just love Jillian in those pig tails...she is looking so old!! Sweet girls as always!!

It is a sad day when they quit saying the cute words...before you know it though, Jules will be giving you some sweet ones!!

The Brown Family said...

Bet you wish you were here...it's been 70's-80's for the past like two weeks! It's been so awesome! My FALL blooming plants are blooming because they think it is fall!!

I love the picture of Jillian up close...she's so pretty! Jules is getting so big and I still can't get over how much she looks like Seth! :) Sweet girls!

Mindy said...

I feel ya on the hottness outside, with a kiddo who wants to be outside every minute! It is no fun to keep them cooped up. But too muggy to stand the heat! Good to see everybody outside. They look so great! Jules is looking more and more like Seth to me. :) She has the best lips ever.

Mittig family said...

Glad y'all were able to enjoy the cooler weather! And I'm so happy to see Cowboys gear again. Football season cannot start soon enough! The girls are cute as always!