Tuesday, August 5, 2008

A Day Away

Seth and I were able to get almost a whole day to ourselves yesterday...it was so nice to hang out without carting around 2 girls all day! Seth's mom (CC) decided to fly into town and help out with the girls. So, she kept Jillian all day and my Mom (Mimi) offered to keep Baby Jules! It was such a nice day away! We had all these plans to run errands and look for new furniture...but abandoned all of those to do something fun!
SO...Drumroll please....Seth and I saw a MOVIE!!!! This is the 2nd movie we have seen in over 2 years and it was fabulous! We went to see The Dark Knight...and we even got popcorn and cokes to make it a true movie experience! The Dark Knight was great and was the perfect movie to see in a theatre if you are only averaging about 1 movie a year!
After the movie, we did go buy a new rug for our living room and grabbed a quick bite to eat too...but seeing a movie without worrying about your kids is SO MUCH FUN!!!!!!!!
So, since I was in wife mode...and NOT mommy mode...I took NO pictures! But, I pulled up old ones so that no one got too bored.
Here is what Seth and I usually look like:
But yesterday, we looked more like this (only we aren't this young or skinny anymore):
And Here is CC and Jillian (only this picture was from almost a year ago!):
And Here is Mimi and Baby Jules (this taken in May):
THANKS to both grandmothers for allowing Seth and I to have a date and to be able to get away for almost a WHOLE day! You are the best and we love you!

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Carolyn said...

I love that top picture of all 4 of you, it really is a good one!

The Browns said...

I agree with Carolyn, great picture!! Congrats on the day away...those are few and far between =)! We saw the Dark Knight Sunday afternoon with the crew, no kids as well, great movie!!

aWare said...

That is great you 2 got a day to yourselfs, it is so refreshing! We have been wanting to see The Black Night! Your pictures crack me up!
Show a picture of the rug.

Elizabeth said...

How fun! Little girls are so fun, but it always so good to have a break too! I DO love how you always put pictures up. You have a very cute little family!

Allison said...

When your annual movie average is less than three...and your having a baby average is .75 per year...It is time to hire two people, a SITTER and a MAID.
I feel your date day, so glad you and Seth got some time to yourselves...you better not be PREGNANT!!