Thursday, August 14, 2008

Jillian the Hoarder

For Jillian's birthday this year, she got a new shopping cart from one of her friends. SHE LOVES THIS THING!!!! Immediately when she wakes up she says "Want go shopping"...she puts on her pink high heels and grabs her shopping cart and plows her way all through the house. She does this all day long!!!!

Another favorite hobby of Jillian's is collecting little things from all over the house and hoarding them as her own. She has always loved picking out several things in a day and just holding them in her hands so that no one else can get them. Well, now she has the shopping cart to do the holding!!

Here is Jillian "shopping" in our house...

Miss Priss in her hot pink high heels and "shopping"

Notice how she even has her baby (who she calls Baby Jules...we are going to have to work on her creativity at a later point) in the front of the cart where she always rides in my shopping carts!

Here is the cart close up...see all of that CRAP!!!!

Items include but are not limited to...Nemo postcard from cousins, 3 pairs of Mickey Mouse panties (that haven't actually been worn yet...bummer), Three Little Pigs book stolen out of Baby Jules' stash, a mini etch-a-sketch, a crushed Red Bull can, and The Fridge DJ

I joked with my mom that I think I will let Jillian be a homeless person for Halloween and just let her push this cart all through the neighborhood. I think she would love that! Oh and sorry for not knowing a more politically correct term for homeless person...I couldn't think of one. But I am going to assume that there are no homeless people reading this blog.

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Dirk said...

We are still homeless! Just kidding. J is cute as she can be. She can shop for me.

Carolyn said...

The crushed low sugar red bull can in there is so funny to me...I can just see her picking that up and thinking its some sort of treasure.

I prefer to call them "willingly unemployed beggers that make you feel really uncomfortable and scared when they approach your car at night"...but that's just me. ;)

Look kids, notice the plight. Roll em' up!!

Alicia said...

I think the correct term is residentially challenged.

Cute pictures! ...going back a post or two - I love the picture of your girls on the boat. It was so adorable and funny.

marcy said...

Jillian got the shopping gene - she didn't even have to be taught!This is definitely a proud moment (sniff, sniff!)
Don't talk about the homeless - your parents are homeless. Maybe a politically correct term could be "mortgage free"?
I love you - J-Lo,
PS I just saw "residentially challenged". I like that term even better!

Courtney Rogers said...

She would have a big time at our house! The Red Bull can is cracking me up!

Allison said...

SO cute...we are in the mickey mouse panties!!! Three days STRONG!

Rachel said...

Too funny!! Love the pink heels!!

Summer said...

Okay your blog and everyone's comments about terms for homeless people are making me laugh out loud.
I LOVE that Jilly carts around all that junk. It further explains her habit of when she used to have about nine passies in her crib all at once.

Mindy said...

i love the shopping addiction. Sounds like her mommy! And is so stylish in those pink high heels. She is such a diva!

Marty Rhea Hill said...
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Marty Rhea Hill said...

You are hilarious. Jillian is adorable. My favorite item is the Red Bull can. Starting then out young. So cute!!!

Kelly said...

LOL No, maybe there ARE homeless people reading your blog - they have to get their fix too!!

Allison said...

2.22.06 Is Georgie's Bday! Everyone told me to wait until 2 and a half to start potty training! She is doing great!! I do pull-ups at night, but she does panies all day and during her nap too! She is truly amazing me, she was ready...I just wanted to wait!!

Kimberly said...

Hillarious, I love her!!