Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Jillian's FIRST First Day of School

Today was Jillian's FIRST first day of school. Now, don't get me wrong...I am completely aware of how NOT-important this is compared to the first day of kindergarten, high school, and college. But, in our little world at The Patterson House...this is a Big day! I really have been so excited for Jillian, because if she is anything like me...and she is...then she will LOVE school and have a great time! Seth says that I have been so geeked out about it, that I should look into enrolling in some classes myself...If it going to make me this happy! HA HA!

So, Jillian got up, ate a nice yummy breakfast, took lots of pictures...and we headed off to school.

Here is Jillian waking up on her FIRST first day of school morning! She was really excited at this point to go to school.

The little scholar eating some muffins to make her tummy full for all the learning that she had to do!

How much monogrammed stuff does it take for one little 2 year old to go to MDO once a week???? Jillian almost needed a Bell Boy to come and help her with her luggage to go to class! I told Seth that I probably appear too excited about Jillian's school with all this stuff...but I LOVE MONOGRAMS!!!! Summer said that Jillian is just obviously a First kid! I can promise, though, that I will have the same stuff for Jules when she goes to school too!

This is about as good of a picture as I could get. She was eating the sweettart that I used to bribe (persuade) her to come outside and take a picture...and she is pointing at the neighbors water sprinklers.

The look of pure I right?

I love a good back-side picture!

Happy girl!!!! (FOR NOW)

Here we are walking into school! Seth looks really cool carrying the nap mat. Mom did a good job juggling Jules and still snapping pictures!!

Walking in to her first day...

Here is about when she started to realize that this whole school thing might not be all it is cracked up to be! She is looking at us like..."You guys are coming in too, right?"

This is the point where things started to go South! Mimi s just the best and she showed up to help take pictures and see Jillian off to her we all head into school together as Jillian's little entourage. ( I am so bummed that I didn't get ANY pictures of Mimi and Jillian!!! I just wasn't thinking straight!) Now, go back to January when I enrolled her in school...since that day, EVERY SINGLE TIME we have driven by her school...we have said "Hi school!" and "Bye school!" I have been doing this now for 8 months to hopefully get her used to school and possible excited??? Also...keep in mind, that since Jillian was about 7 months old, I have been leaving her at the gym nursery and in Bible class all the time...and she does great! NEVER cries for me. Well, today was another story. I am sure that I made too big of a deal out of the whole thing...but how can you not, right??? Anyway, we go to drop Jillian off in her actual class and she goes in kicking and screaming!!!! I mean, the child was acting like I was turning her over to a gang or something! I didn't know what to I just walked away and didn't look at her! It sucks that 2 year olds just don't get yet that you will ACTUALLY come back and get them! So, anyway, I walked away sad thinking that she was miserable. So, Seth went back and checked on her about 2 minutes later, and she was already playing with toys and having a good time. I keep thinking that I would just love to be a fly on the wall and see what all actually goes on! I would love to see her interact with other kids, eat her lunch, sing, do art projects...and everything else that she will get to do while in school.

After I leave school, I decide to go run some errands since it is just me and the baby. Oh my quiet my car was and how easy my day was with just one child!!!!

Here is my view of where Jillian sits...all alone and quiet! I did, however, actually get to listen to the radio for a change! I have been listening to non-stop Toy Story and Toy Story 2 since July 4th weekend!!!! And Kid Sing-A-Longs, Barney, and Baby Mozart every day before that for the past 2 years!!! I mean, are The Backstreet Boys still popular???

I also forgot just HOW EASY it is to run errands with only one kid! WOW...I used to think getting that seat in and out was hard! I was so wrong! It was TOO easy to pop Jules in and out of the car today! I even got to use our original stroller! SO NICE!!!

When it was time to go get Jilly, we picked her up and she was SEMI-excited to see me. I guess she is already in "Too Cool for Mom" mode or something! Great...didn't know that started so soon. She was actually REALLY excited to see Jules. She kept touching her and holding her hand! Then we got in the car and she requested Toy Story...and there you have returns to normal!

Here is Jillian enjoying her after-school snack...her first ice cream cone.

Jules sure is hinting around for a bite of that ice cream!!

Jillian got a little gift for going to school...some new high heels (since she broke hers from the Brock boys...wore those babies out!), a First Day of School book, and some blue chap stick! Gotta love the $1 bin at Target!

My Brown-Eyed Girl

Happy again!

This was the best picture I could get with the heels on...this girl is always on the move!

Hopefully next week will be an easier drop off? I hear it takes a I guess we will get there eventually!!!

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Mittig family said...

What an eventful first day! And yes, first day of MDO is definitely a big day in the life of a girl! I love her nap mat and backpack/lunchbox. I've been just as equal monogramming both my children, but it might be easier for me since Maggie is my first girl!
I drove by the new stadium today and it's coming along. Go COWBOYS!

marcy said...

OK, Brittney - This is your funniest blog yet! I don't know what to comment on the most - empty car seat picture, picture of the monogramed "stuff". I love it all. AND, no matter what she may have learned today, she LOOKED GOOD! (just kidding - I know it is not all about the looks) But she was your typical first kid - new "play clothes", matching shoes, socks, hair bow, back pack, lunch box, sleep mat, you name it!
It was a fun time to be with you, Jillian I will never forget it.
I love you- Mimi
PS Brittney, you get your love of SCHOOL from your dad and your love of SCHOOL SUPPLIES, matching clothes, etc from me!

Rachel said...

WOW - you did such a great job of taking pictures!! So, you know I LOVE the monogrammed stuff!! I have been so obsessed lately getting Claire ready!! She was an absolute doll today!! There will be a similar blog from me next week and I HOPE and PRAY that mine is as happy as yours! You should be so proud of your little sweet angel!!

BTW - you have just now let her have an ice cream cone??? =)

Dallas said...

MDO was a huge event in our house too. I actually got a little teary-eyed buying Nora's backpack :). What will we do when they go to kindergarten?

Nora was WAY more excited to see Elyn than she was to see me. Geez..I DID give birth to her.

And I echo Rachel...the girl is just now getting the cone? Jules will be like, 9 months old when she gets her first one :).

Brittney said...

Ok, Ok, girls...let me clear one thing up!!!! I am not one of those moms that won't let their kid have sweets until their 18th birthday! Jillian has been indulging on ice cream since WELL before her first birthday!!!! Today just happened to be the first time she got her own actual "ice cream cone"!!! She has definitely had her fair share of ice cream in some form or fassion...just not her own cone to hold!!!! :)

Brittney said...

Did I really misspell fashion???

WHO AM I?????

Mindy said...

oh my!! That is the most insane thing I have ever seen. The matching everything is what I am referring to. Although I secretly am jealous, and dont know if I could ever get away with that with a boy. I might try though! She did look good though! And I am sure she was the best dressed girl at school. :) Now, that is seriously, the coolest nap time mat I have ever seen! Good job mommy. You rocked her first day of school. She will look back and love that you went all out.

Kimberly said...

Oh Jillian is absolutely precious! I Love all of her coordinating monogrammed stuff!
She cracks me up that she is too cool for mom already!
And I sooo know what you are talking about by not even knowing what songs are cool anymore...The wiggles and Elmo songs are the only ones that I'm up to date on! Sooo sad!

Carolyn said...

B I love and hate this post all at the same time. I mean, could she look ANY cuter on her first day, her dress is adorable, her monogramed bags and nap mat are too cute for words and I love that you got some time to relax and enjoy jules and listen to music! However...she cannot be big enough for school yet!!! Not my little Jilly!!! This is like a love hate relationship right now!!!!
Great job on the pictures!!!

Katie said...

I love all her monogrammed things!!! I am also a HUGE fan of anything with Kaleb's name or initials on it. My neice Ceci is 3 1/2 and she just started pre-school last week. Mom said she screamed and cried the first couple of days...but now is fine. I don't know how I'll be able to handle Kaleb crying not wanting me to leave him!! I think it is the most heart-wrenching thing ever! She does look too cute!!

Amy (Metz) Walker said...

Hi Brittney, I saw your blog on Carolyn & Rachel's blog and just had to say that the little dress Jillian is wearing is just THE cutest thing!

I was cracking up at your bellboy comment about taking all of her stuff! Too cute!

The Brown Family said...

AWWW that is so cute!! I LOVE all her stuff for can never have too many things monogramed! I pray so hard that I will have a girl so I can actually enjoy everything monogramed! Boys kinda take the fun out of that! I'm so glad she had a good first day of school.
I will be teaching again this year and we start Tuesday...ugh! Better believe there will be some pictures to come! :)

Elizabeth said...

This post is so great! Enjoy your day with just one baby!! And, I love all the matching monogrammed stuff!!