Thursday, September 4, 2008

The Dallas Aquarium

As the Summer has come to an end, Seth and I have found it hard to continue our usual trend of just laying out every weekend. That has grown harder and harder to do every time we add a new baby to the mix around here! Imagine that, huh??? This year was even harder because Jillian can't swim, but thinks she can...and Jules doesn't just lay there...she wants to be up and doing things. So, our swimming days were few and far between this summer.

So, to keep it interesting and to keep MOMMY from going housebound INSANE...we decided to take a nice little trip to the Dallas aquarium. It was really fun and Jillian was IN AWE of all the fish. This type of entertainment was just right up her alley! The baby was usual...and just sat in the stroller while Seth and I took turns showing Jillian all of the many fish and other animals!

I would recommend the aquarium to anyone...but hurry because I hear it is closing soon!!!

Here are just a few pictures of our fun day!

Jules and Jillian ready for a day of fun

Jilly about to drop Baby Jules

Jillian SCREAMING "fishies" all the way there

The girls

Ok, the next few pictures make me laugh because it illustrates Jillian's personality right now. She wants to know about everything or tell me about everything. Here she is telling us all about every fish she sees...She always says..."Mama, watch!" when she wants me to look at something.

Well, a little unsure in this one...

"Mama, watch!"

"HEY, Mama, watch!"

You get the picture...

I love this picture

Not sure why Baby Jules' picture got put front and center, but there you go. Here she is just hanging out in the stroller...looking like a BIG OLE baby!

Here is Jillian teaching Daddy about some big turtles

These two are best buds!

See, she looks thrilled!

Ok, these next few will not be interesting because pictures without people are usually no good...but I couldn't help myself! These animals were amazing and I took the pictures knowing that they will just end up in some stack that we don't care about one day!

The Manatee...these dudes were GINORMOUS! They would just float along on their backs! Good luck transporting these guys when the aquarium closes!

This is a view over our walk through this tunnel and sharks are swimming all around you!

More Sharks...

This picture is for my mom! I know she misses having snakes in her back yard...NOT!!!! I thought this one would make her feel right at home.

Here is Jillian with her souvenir...a monkey in a purse. Go figure...she picked that out of all the fun fish stuff...even NEMO!!!

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Carolyn said...

OMG I got lily the SAME monkey in a purse when I went to the aquarium with James Hill. Yeah, thats the ONLY good thing that came out of that date. HAHAHA!! EMBAR and HILAR.
Love the pictures though, Jules is getting so big!
And btw, if you EVA come into Dallas without letting me know, ever again, I will hurt you. :)

Tara said...

love the bow in jules hair! So cute. That place looks like a lot of fun!

Mittig family said...

It's closing? Thanks for letting me know! We love the aquarium! It is such a good place to go with kids these ages!

I saw your comment on my blog-did you happen to check your e-mail last night?

Rachel said...

What a fun day!! We don't have an aquarium here, but hey, we can go to the good ol' drive thru safari in Gentry...gotta love Arkansas!! =)

Your girls are growing so fast!!!

Marty Rhea Hill said...

B, I LOVE THE NO PEOPLE PICS. That is hilarious you wrote that. I think the same thing. I took 32 roles of old fashioned 35mm in Europe and so many are boring, site-seeing pictures. I love it.

Mindy said...

what a fun day! I wish we had one here. That looks so awesome to me. :) And yes I am one of those people who is totally against ics with no people. But you did good on yours. Jilli will like those. Oh and I love the pic of the girls in their stroller together. They look so precious side by side.