Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Christmas 2007

This year for Christmas, we celebrated for almost a week straight! We started out by doing Christmas a little early with my family. We went to my parent's house and had dinner and exchanged gifts with all of them. Mimi and Papaw got Jillian a brand new kitchen and food to go with it...among all the other gifts that Mimi gets the girls. Aunt K got Jillian a brand new fur coat...so adorable! The Dales got Jilly a monogrammed bag and a precious necklace with her name on it! Jillian had a great time playing with all the cousins. and being with family. Her and Macy even got along great as Macy babysat J in Mimi's toy room! These two will be good friends if we have to force them!!
The next morning, Santa Clause came early and Jillian was SOOOOOOOOOOOO excited about her set up under the tree. She got a brand new Hot Pink "Tot Rod" motorized car. She also got some new bath toys, books, pajamas, a magnadoodle, and a Baby Bible. These gifts however meant nothing once she saw that car under the tree! She ran directly for that car, got in it, and drove over all of her other gifts! It was very funny and we MOSTLY got it on video...since Daddy isn't so good with the video camera! She had a great time playing with all of her new toys for a short time...then we packed up and drove to Arkansas.
We spent Christmas Eve with CC, Grandpa and Uncle Caleb. Jillian started running a fever that night, so she wasn't in the best shape to open her gifts, but she still gave it a good shot! She ended up falling asleep on me twice that night...which I loved!!! She got a brand new piano and some fun clothes, a puzzle, and some books from CC and Grandpa. Uncle Caleb hooked Jillian up with 3 Disney movies and some other toys! Christmas was spent with all of Seth's extended family. Jillian was still running a fever all day, but she still performed and played and had a good time with all of her family. She got a big rocking horse that sings, a small pink rocking horse that sings, a stuffed horse, 2 strollers, several babies, books, etc., etc. Jilly is not hurting in the toy department...lets just say that. Our Expedition was completely full on our trek back to Texas! What will we do when we have two kids stuff to haul around???
We really had a lovely time with both sides of the family and loved spending the holidays together. Seth has been off work for almost two weeks and we will both be sad to see him go back tomorrow. Jillian will be put back on a schedule tomorrow and put on Holiday Detox...as she got to do what she wanted and eat what she wanted for about a week now!

Here are WAY too many pictures of our week. I have to post for family...so feel free to ignore if you want!!!

Papaw, Jillian, and Mimi
Jillian busy getting into all of her Christmas stuff

Daddy helping Jillian open gifts

Seth and Ansley

Jillian trying to figure it all out on her own
Jillian and Macy checking out J's new kitchen!!!
Mommy and Jillian opening the food that goes with that new kitchen
The chaos that is Christmas with four (almost five) precious girls!

Papaw opening his presents
Aunt Summer opening her gifts

Layton getting his subscription to ESPN magazine

Aunt K in her latest hair color...to be continued

Jillian's gifts from Santa Clause

Santa even left baby girl #2 a stocking!!!

And of course Tyson got in on some gifts from Santa too!
Jillian LOVES LOVES LOVES her new Tot Rod from Santa!!
I didn't realize that we would have to have the drinking and driving talk at such a young age!

J playing with her other toys...only because we made her. She loves that car!
Jillian got a new piano from CC and Grandpa!
Daddy, CC, and Uncle Caleb watching Jilly on Christmas Eve

Uncle Caleb helping Jillian open her gifts
My poor sick baby fell asleep on me
Grandpa, Jillian, and CC

Jillian was the center of all the attention on Christmas Day with Seth's entire family watching her!

Jillian LOVES her babies and must be pushing one in the stroller at all times...with a purse. We think she is quite the girly girl...a mommy in training.
Playing babies with Grandpa
Daddy, Jilly, and CC watching home videos...Jillian loves to watch herself on the screen
Jillian's new kitchen that we finally got put up

Playing House

"Can I help you?"

J tickling the ivories on her new piano



Kimberly said...

I love the pink tot rod! Jillian must have been a very good girl because she really racked up! She is just adorable with her black/white leggings pushing her stroller! I so wish we could get our girls together because they remind me so much of eachother! GLad you guys had a great xmas!!

Aunt Carol said...

Ok that drinking and driving comment was just so funny...you're a riot. Can't wait to see what i got!

Kelly said...

She is waaay cute. You are going to love (and go crazy with) two girls!!

Mindy said...

never too many pics. Jilly seriously got the hook up from santa, so proud of her for being a good girl! I particularly love that new baby girl already is getting a stash of super huge bows before she is even here! I love those dang bows that you put on your girls. And then also-for some reason I am loving Jilly's red striped pjs!!! She looks so cute. ya'll all look great! Love you!