Thursday, January 17, 2008

Jillian's OTHER leopard dress and Nursery preview

Jillian got a new leopard print dress from her Great Aunt Meriam for Christmas. It is really cute and goes well with her leopard print shoes from Mimi. I know the rule is only one leopard print accessory at a time...but for an 18 month old...I think we can let it slide! (And she didn't have any other shoes to there!) Here are a couple shots of her before church this past Sunday.

Jillian starting to MAYBE pose for the camera

Jillian and Daddy

See ya! We are just now able to get all of that hair into one ponytail...yeah!!!

Time for Church! is a preview of Baby #2's room that I have been working on all week long! (I only get about 2-3 hours a day when Jillian is in her room for quiet time or it is a slow process!) I have only done the paint so far...but it is a lot of work...a lot of detail goes into making those polka dots perfect! Hopefully I will finish painting today so that I can get some of the furniture in there and out of my guest room! My house looks like a furniture store right now! It is coming together and I LOVE it so far!!!


Aunt Carol said...

I LOVE THE ROOM!!!! You are so creative and I bet it looks even better in person! And you're a perfectionist so I imagine its just awesome. Cant wait to come over and play!!!

Mittig family said...

You must be the most patient person in the world to paint those polkas! It looks great! And sorry about the Cowboys-I know you're probably as bummed as we are!

Mindy said...

oh you know I love me some polka dots, elem has a few in his room as well! just in case you didnt know.. you can stick a thumb tack in the wall and tie a piece of string to it and when you pull it all the way out and pull it in a circle it does a perfect circle! haha! Silly I know but in case you needed assistance! It looks so fab and I cant wait to see Jules' room!

Kimberly said...

Jillian is so stlish, I love her!

Okay so I am in awe of the polka dot room! How in the world are you doing that, it looks awesome! I know it will be even more fabulous once it is all completed and can't wait to see the final result!