Friday, February 26, 2010

A Day At The Movies

Jillian has been begging to go see The Princess and The Frog for a while now.
All of her friends have seen it and she wanted to also. Jillian has only been to the movies once, and that was with my I was super excited to take her myself and enjoy the experience. My mom kept Jules, and so us 2 girls headed out for our big girls day. We went to the store and loaded up on candy. Then at the movies, we got popcorn and a coke!!! I think that should be every girl's dream!!! Well, this is just another one of those times where the harder I try, the worse things get.
First of all, we get into the theater and we are THE ONLY PEOPLE in the whole place. Well, this freaks Jillian out! She was so scared. Then, the movie comes on and it is kind of lame if you ask me. I came from a time of Aladdin and Beauty and the Beast...and well, this one just didn't do it for me. Also, there was this scary villain that had entirely too much airtime. He also freaked Jillian out. She begged to leave almost the whole time. So, after pushing her for an hour, I finally gave up and we left! That was about $35 down the drain! But, if you ask Jillian...she will say that she had a great time and that is all that matters to me!
I forgot to bring my camera into the theater, so I have barely any pictures of our girls day. I almost recreated in my parent's media room...but didn't quite get around to it!

Jillian and Mommy on girls day

Jillian looking so stylish...minus the extremely chapped bottom lip


marcy said...

The movie may have been a bomb, but you 2 girls sure look good!
I love you Jillian and Jules!

Lauren said...

Hey girl!
Love the new blog layout! Where did you get it? I just started mine so follow and check it out. Looking forward to meeting you and the girls on the 20th!