Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Pizza and Pajamas

Last week, Jillian and I had Pizza and Pajamas week at school in honor of the letter P! So, we got some cute pajamas and got to spend the whole day partying in comfortable clothes! I opted not to wear the usual goodwill t-shirt that I usually sleep in, and I got something a little more appropriate for the preschoolers to see.

Jillian in full pajama gear...including her lovey.

Aren't we a cute couple of pajama partiers??

Of course Jules had to get into a picture with us!


Mindy said...

Awwww I love the Pizza and Pajamas idea! I would totally participate in that week for sure. Im glad you opted for something a little better than goodwill has to offer, I am right there with you though! Your PJs are cute and so are Jillians. :)

aWare said...

SOOOOOOo cute! Love your pjs too! Pizza and Pajamas is a Party I want to attend!