Monday, December 1, 2008

Thanksgiving in Arkansas

We spent last week in Arkansas with The Patterson's celebrating Thanksgiving! We had a really great time seeing all of Seth's Big family and just being away from home for a little while! We drove up on Wednesday...which was a GIANT mistake...but Seth had to work, so we had no choice. Someone seems to have forgotten to put an interstate in Oklahoma...and we are forced to drive on these 2 lane roads that actually come to stop lights! It is really inconvenient, and I think I am going to have to write a letter to the Oklahoma Department of Transportation before our next holiday in AR!!!!

But, once we finally got there, we had a great time. Of course, I hardly had to mess with my kids if I didn't want to because CC and B-Pa were more than willing to do all the work! It was great for me...I had a lot of help with feedings, diapers, and entertaining one VERY busy 2 year old! Jillian loved getting all the attention from everyone and actually was on her best behavior. I think she is finally maturing a little, because she was not shy at all, and she talked to everyone and played with everyone without any fits at all! I could not have been more proud!

Here we are at Thanksgiving Lunch at Great Aunt Lynn's house! Our family sat at the kiddie table since we are the only ones with kids! It worked out great though, because we got to eat first! :)

Jules, Jillian, Mommy, and Daddy

Here is Jillian enjoying her yummy Thanksgiving dinner and juice!
Here is Jules...she ate sweet potatoes and applesauce because I thought that sounded VERY Thanksgiving-y!
I somehow didn't get a picture of Aunt Lynn AGAIN (I know, I suck!!!)...but her and CC made a fabulous meal that we all really enjoyed!!!

My girls eating their first Thanksgiving meal together!

My and my oldest girl!
Baby Jules trying to walk off a little of her Thanksgiving meal in her walker!
After lunch...we moved right into the entertainment portion of our day. We got to ride four wheelers, ride horses, ride motorcycles, and throw footballs around! Jillian ate it all up!

Jillian and Daddy going on a ride

Here they are after their ride...of course Tyson wasn't too far behind!

Baby Jules decided to take Cousin Jacob's motorcycle out for a spin. We think the bike really makes her look tough...despite the pink outfit and giant bow!

Uncle Jacob, Baby Jules, and CC

Baby Jules trying to rev the engine a little!

Here is Tyson just enjoying all the fresh air and space to run...except that he really didn't run at all and just hung out near us the whole day! Oh well...

Perhaps the most exciting part of the trip for Jilly, was that she got to ride a pony "All By Myself"...which is her favorite phrase these days! I thought she would be a little nervous, but she just jumped right on there and was ready to go! She kept asking for more rides! B-Pa started calling her a cowgirl and taught her to say "YEEEEEHAW!" when she is riding!

Here is our little Cowgirl riding on Dusty the horse!

See...this is a regular big horse...not some tiny pony! She loved every minute of it!

Here she is with her entourage! Daddy and B-Pa ran right along side of her to keep her safe while Uncle David led the horse! They took several laps around the house.

This picture didn't turn out as cool as I had hoped. There were just too many adults trying to make sure that Baby Jules didn't fall I couldn't get that good shot...bummer!

Here is Great Uncle Tommy...who belongs to Great Aunt Lynn...and who owns Dusty the horse! He LOVES the babies and is really good with them too. HE took Baby Jules on her first horse ride!

Little Baby Jules on a big horse!!!

She was very interested in the leather reigns more than anything!!!!
**************FLASHBACK....THANKSGIVING 2006********************
Great Uncle Tommy also took Jillian on her first horse ride two years ago! She was just 5 months old! See how the pictures are similar to Jules' pictures???

Great Uncle Tommy and Baby Jillian

Baby Jillian. Look how tiny she is up to Uncle Tommy's hand!

B-Pa, Jules, CC, and Jillian

On Friday, Seth wanted to fry up his very first turkey for the family. I have mentioned on here before that Seth has really gotten into grilling this Summer...and he has done a lot of different recipes with meats. EVERYTHING he has cooked has been great, and I love that he is enjoying this hobby! (read: one less night that I have to figure out dinner) Well, this turkey did not disappoint! He injected some stuff in it and then fried it up, and it was delicious!!!!

Seth and his turkey!

What a hot cook!

Seth's faithful assistant was standing by for any scraps that needed to be discarded!

Meanwhile, Uncle Caleb and Jillian were running around and playing in all the leaves! Jillian got to pick her outfit from the big stash of warm clothes that CC had. She ADORED this purple sweater and this red hat! I kept calling her punky brewster...they outfit could not have been more mismatched if we had tried!

Jillian and Baby Jules taking it easy and watching a movie.

We were supposed to meet up with Rachel and Lane and families on Friday night...but the plans changed a little and Jillian DIDN'T nap, so we didn't quite make it all the way to Bentonville! What a bummer, because we have really been looking forward to getting Sterling, Owen, Claire, and Jillian together to play! We know they would have so much fun together! Plus, I was really looking forward to one of Rachel's weekend parties and some fun cocktail that she would have made me! Oh well, it will happen one of these days!!!!
Lane, Heath and Sterling did decide to come out to the lake on Saturday to see us, which was quite a treat! Jillian and Sterling took about 2 minutes to warm up to eachother...and then they had a blast! They went on a walk and chased the dogs, they ate, they stared out the window! It was beyond cute! Sterling is an absolute precious boy, so we enjoyed getting to see him!!!!
I took plenty of pictures just in case we need them for a wedding video one day! Jillian and Jules have about 7 prospects, and I want to be fully prepared! :)

Sterling and Jillian enjoying a sandwich

Watching outside for cats!

Sterling and Jillian playing with Barbies! OOPS...sorry Heath!

Daddy getting some play time in with Baby Jules

I always say it...Uncle Caleb is the best! Jillian just loves him and he always plays with her and does whatever she wants him to! Here they are coloring.
And finally...on our last night, we had to break out the matching Christmas jammies! You know I love jammies...especially when both girls are clean and in matching ones! YUMMY!!!! It is really one of my favorite things on Earth!

Jillian eating her dinner on her own her chair

My sweet girls together!

"No more pictures!"

The Proud (and exhausted, I'm sure!!!!) Grandparents
We had a great time up in Arkasas and can't wait to get back up there in the Spring! I am sure that CC had a wonderful time walking through her house picking up all the random toys that were EVERYWHERE when we left yesterday!!!!

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Dallas said...

Watch out Jillian...Nora loves Sterling too! Love the matching pjs! There is nothing better than little clean girls ready for bed!

Anonymous said...

Your girls are so precious. Looks like you had a great Thanksgiving holiday.

Rachel said...

Hate that we missed yall!!!! One of these days huh?? I really wanted to see you and let the kids play!

Looks like yall had a great time and no one was sick, YAYAYAYAY LOL! I promise next time, I will have a big cocktail waiting on you!!

Carolyn said...

Their house really looks so great, I mean...horses and 4 wheelers and good cooking??!! You never told me about that!! :)

Sterling and Jilly are TOO CUTE!
Miss you!

Tara said...

cute pictures!!! next time your here we have to all meet for cocktails!

Mittig family said...

What a fun Thanksgiving! That horse is a little bigger than the WT Pumpkin Patch one!

Lane said...

Oh I love the pics of them!!! They are so cute! Sterling must have a thing for blondes! ;) So glad we were able to visit with you guys and can't wait to do it again! :) Your girls are precious and I'm so glad I got to meet Jules!