Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas Catch Up...Part 3

Christmas Cookies and Movie Night

Back when Ansley was just 3 years old, I started a tradition of making Christmas cookies with the Dale girls...and of course, my girls have gotten in on the magic too. (Last year was the only year I didn't get it put together and I hate that!) I think it is so much fun to do and all the girls have such a fun time together making a GIANT mess! I usually like to get the girls for a while and we get Sonic, have on Christmas movies, and me and Seth help them decorate tons of Christmas cookies. Well, since my girls were sick all of December this year, we had to cut it close. I finally had them over on the 23rd (while Seth was at work). Luckily, Summer came over to help me handle all 5 girls! WE got lots of cookies...not many were edible since All 5 had some sort of cough, cold, fever, etc...but I don't think Santa minded at all! I know he at the ones we left out for him!

Christmas 2004...our first year! Ansley (3) and I had so much fun! (Yes, I know...I am super skinny here...sigh...)

Christmas 2006...Ansley (5), Macy (3), Jillian (6 months)

Christmas 2008...Emerson (2), Macy (5), Jillian (2), Ansley (7), and Baby Jules (8 months)

Here is everyone...even Baby Jules is in her high chair in the very bottom of the picture.

Here is Jillian licking all the icing. That seem to be all that her and Emerson got accomplished!

SUCH a sweet tooth on this girl!

Ansley and her million-dollar smile!

Macy looking like she is up to something

Emerson...the proof is written all over her face!

And Baby Jules sat back and teethed on one of those nasty teething biscuits! Only Baby Jules can make dirty teething biscuits look pretty!

Later that night, our whole family got together for a Christmas Pajama party at the Dale's house to have some fun drinks and watch Christmas Vacation! I didn't take any pictures of this night, but stole this precious one from Summer!

Look at all of those girls in their jammies! LOVE IT!

And complete the randomness of this post, I wanted to include my parent's Christmas card picture this year. Here they are with the girls in their new house! I thought the picture turned out really cute!
I have posted several don't forget to keep scrolling down for more Christmas stories and pictures!!!!

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Carolyn said...

That is hands down my favorite Christmas Card photo that Marcy and Dirk have ever sent out!!!!

Tesney said...

1. You are BEAUTIFUL so no more "look how skinny I was" comments. We're mommies now so a little curve is better anyway!
2. I loved reading your Christmas makes me happy to see you and your fam.
3. It also really makes me miss Summer and think about when I visited you guys in college. I always loved your fam so much!

annalee said...

What wonderful tradition and memories! I loved seeing your Christmas moments in pics.

Mindy said...

yes I agree-you look beautiful in all your pictures-no more skinny comments! You always look great, tan, cool hair, and super cute outfits. -Now I love the grandparents pic it is so fabulously adorable, I can not even explain it. Once day someone in your fam will have to have a boy. I can feel it coming. haha. And lastly I love that making cookies is your tradition. You are so creative I should have known that was your tradition! Love you and your fam!