Monday, April 13, 2009

What a RASH weekend...

Well, wouldn't you know it AS SOON AS I posted about Jules being on the mend, she goes and gets something else! If you can remember, we went on Wednesday to the doc again because she just wasn't getting any better. Well, our doctor changed up her antibiotic to something stronger to hopefully take care of those nasty ear infections once and for all. Well, on Thursday night, she seemed to be herself again...eating, playing, etc. Then, on Friday morning, I notice she has a couple of red spots, but they were no big deal. We even met up for lunch with Seth and the little rash that she had was very minor. Now, fast forward to Saturday morning, and Jules wakes up COVERED FROM HEAD TO TOE in a bright RED rash! She looked awful! So, we head back up to the pediatrician office...which is the 3rd time in about a week for those of you keeping track!
When we get in to see the doctor, he says that Jules is having a bad reaction to the 2nd antibiotic that she had just started on Wednesday. This is why she is now covered in painful itchy hives. Nice. So, he pulls her off of the antibiotic and decides to give her a shot of a different antibiotic since her right ear just won't seem to clear up. Right before they give the shot, they tell me that it is really painful while they are giving it and they have to give it slowly. This just sucks! My poor girl has just been to hell and back this week with her ears, medicines, diarrhea, itchy hives, and now this crappy shot! But we have to do it. So, we do the shot to take care of the ears, and the only treatment we can do for the hives is Benadryl for the itchiness and then to just wait for it to go away.
Needless to say, Jules missed her 2nd Easter Egg hunt of the year at our church on Saturday night...although, I am sure she had more fun with some one-on-one time with Mimi. (Thanks Mom!!!) We also missed church on Jules first Easter was spent at home with her momma. I mean, the kid hates the nursery, but I had no idea she would go to such extreme measures to stay home from church! We did still get to go to lunch at my parent's since Jules was not at all there are pictures of that to come later on.
For now, I will leave you with pictures of my little girl's poor body covered in hives. These pictures really do not show how bright and crazy-looking it was, but still shows how covered she was. As of this morning, it is going away...slowly but surely! Thank goodness...Target's sales are going to plummet until we can get out and about again! HA!

her side and leg

Here is her little face, but I again don't think these pictures do it justice.
She looked like she had a big red birthmark on both cheeks.

her little body

her back

her chubby thighs

her back

her back and leg and proof of her painful antibiotic shot

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Marty Rhea Hill said...

That looks awful!!!! I hope she is feeling better.

P.S. Since the doc is the one that caused that 3rd trip, was he nice enough to pay the bill? Oh, doctor's these days!!!

Tara Gibson said...

oh my gosh! how sad! I hope she is feeling better!!

Courtney Rogers said...

Oh Brittney! That just makes my heart hurt for her (and you too)! I hope your week gets better.

Rachel said...

OMG - I feel for yall!!! Hope she feels better soon!!!!

Sandi said...

Oh, poor little girl!! I am soo sorry she (and you guys) have been through so much lately.

Dallas said...

Poor baby girl!!!!! I hurt for her. I hope those ear infections get cleared up soon. Elyn has had recurring ones and I am SICK of them! There is nothing worse for a mama than your baby girl being sick!

Mittig family said...

Oh how awful! Poor baby! (and poor Mommy-sometimes I swear it's worse for the mama than the baby)...Hope y'all are on the mend soon!

Amy said...

Poor baby!!!!

Mindy said...

Poor baby! That rash looks horrible. So sorry that happened to her. And right on top of having such bad ear infections. It always seems to come in clumps doesnt it? Maybe after this is over yall will have a few good weeks with 2 healthy babies-I hope so! Love you!

Carolyn said...

These pictures make me rithe in pain for her! Oh man, I cannot wait to hug her to pieces next weekdend...I pray she is totally better for her big partay!