Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter Saturday

On Saturday morning, we started our day with our very FIRST annual Dying of the Easter Eggs! At first Seth acted all cool like he didn't want to participate, but in the end it was him and I who had the most fun! They don't make the dye kits like the did when we were kids...no way! Our kit this year had foil wraps, glitter, wax pen to write names on eggs, etc., etc.! We had a great time trying to really get creative with our eggs...if only we had more than 18! Anyways, it really was fun, and Jillian of course had a blast as well. Jules...well, she crawled around at our feet the whole time. She will get to participate next year.

Here are pictures of our dying experience...

Jillian is having the hardest time smiling and dying eggs at the same time. This was like the best of 10 pictures that I took! She looks like something isn't quite right with her here!

This is better...she kept wanting all her eggs blue because as she
always tells us, "blue is my bavorite color!"

Smiling with her many eggs...

the girl hard at work

she is really working it here

so proud of her artwork!!!!
Then much later in the day we were headed out to our church's annual egg hunt and cook out. Since Baby Jules looked like she had leprosy, we left her with Mimi and then Papaw, Seth and I took Jilly to the church for what they advertised as a 4:00 pm egg hunt! Well, that was false advertising to suck us in because the real hunt didn't even start until 5:15! We couldn't leave Mimi that whole time and we certainly couldn't put J off for over an hour. So, we took a couple pictures and then decided we better just have an impromptu egg hunt in our back yard! I swear, the harder I try to line up some fun things for these girls, the more it just blows up in my face! :) Ha Ha! So, Seth picked up some candy on the way home and we did our egg hunt in our very own backyard!

Here is Jillian fake egg hunting at church

It didn't really matter to her because she was so easily distracted by the play ground!

she ended up being very content just to climb and slide for a while


Here she is getting ready for our egg hunt at home

She found one!!!!

She found another one! I think she likes the concept of the Easter Egg Hunt when you take out the element of competition! She was so fine just to be able to take her time and not have to look over her shoulder!

And my sweet-spotted girl was fine to just play in her beloved car!

Enjoying her treasure

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Rachel said...

Cute pictures!! Jillian looks cute finding eggs! Dying eggs is more fun for the adults =)!

Elizabeth said...

Love the improtu egg hunt! And, wow your eggs look a lot better than ours turned out! Love all of Jillian's hair- I wish we could get ours to grow!!!