Thursday, April 16, 2009

Easter Sunday

Okay, Okay...the last of the Easter Posts! Ha! So moving right along...the girls got up early on Sunday and were very excited to see what the Easter Bunny had brought. Jillian did the honors of getting the baskets from the front porch...

looks like the bunny came to our house

she is soooooo excited

the baskets

Jillian's basket
Jules' basket

the girls and their stuff

Jules checking out her basket of goodies

Jillian got to her candy before I could even take a picture of her with her basket!
That girl has a serious sweet tooth!

too cool for school

I keep wanting to sing "One Little Speckled Frog..."
HA! But, this girl is all better now...just so you know! We can go in public again!

CAUGHT eating Dora candy

After all the Easter Bunny business was over, Seth and Jillian went to church with the rest of the family. Then we all went to Mimi and Papaw's for lunch and an Easter Egg Hunt.

Here are the girls ready for Church, although Baby Jules and I stayed home AGAIN. My Mom made these dresses for the girls for Easter Sunday. The Dale girls also got matching dresses, so Mimi has spent lots of time making FIVE Easter dresses!!!!! She did a great job and I am sure she will be avoiding her sewing matching for a WHILE now!!!

Jules in her dress and new white sandals

All FIVE girls! My mom likes to call them GIRLS GONE W1LD!!!
(I don't want some sicko googling that and getting my blog...HA!)

Papaw and the girls

Our weak attempt at a family picture.
I am sure we will have a good one of us one day!

Since it was raining, Mimi and Papaw had an Easter Egg Hunt inside the house in the playroom.
The four older girls had a great time hunting for candy.

Jillian in her element. She got real into egg hunting this year.

Jules would rather just play the piano!

Aunt K and Jillian reading a book

Uncle Caleb also came up and spent Easter with us! He is such a great uncle and the girls really love him! Here he is playing with Jillian.

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annalee said...

those matching dresses are too much! happy easter!

Rachel said...

What cute pictures!! Poor Jules, I am so glad that she is feeling better!! The baskets were cute, great job Easter Bunny =)!