Friday, April 10, 2009

A Little Jules and A Little Jilly

FINALLY...this little girl is feeling better as of last night!

Baby Jules really had a hard week with her ears, teeth, and fever. I took her to the doctor last Thursday and started antibiotics then. Well, she really never got much better. She has been very puny and not eating at all...and you know my Jules LOVES her food! She has also run a low fever all week long and just didn't seem to be improving. So, I took her BACK to the doctor on Wednesday and her right ear still looked pretty bad. So, we changed up the antibiotics and that seemed to do the trick. She ate 3 pieces of toast for dinner last night and that was the first real anything she has eaten in days! The bad side affect is that the medicine is upsetting her tummy in a BAD way! I have had to wash her bedding and lovies twice a day for 4 days...and it was NOT pretty folks! I hope that part goes away immediately...if not sooner. The only sad part about her getting well is that I am sure she will quit all of the sweet sweet cuddling that she did with me all week. I am also fairly positive that the unusually-long naps are also going to go out the window. Oh well.

Since the upset tummy was causing some major trouble to my girl...she also got a red booty! So, she has gotten to take LOTS of bath this week! Here is little Jules soaking that booty!

sweet little girl
there is that smile

love those baby blues!

Onto some Jillian news...

Jillian had an Easter Egg Hunt at school this week and so here she is right before school with her ghetto "take to school" Easter basket. She was super excited about the hunt and came home with a basket full of goodies that she really wanted to eat all at once. Yesterday I had to put the basket up out of reach so that she couldn't eat anymore. Well, I caught her trying to climb up and get it and I told her to get down. She replied with this..."Mommy, you need to go to the bathroom and go potty." She was trying to get me to leave the room for a bit! I wonder why? Ha, the little girl thought she could pull one over on me!

Dallas has recently taken the title of "Windiest City" from Chicago...and so here is Jillian getting smacked with a big gust of wind.

Pretty Easter Girl

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Elizabeth said...

Reading that made my booty hurt! Just kidding... But, seriously, poor Jules and you too... antibiotics are great, but can do some really bad things too! Love the blue eyes shot. Such cute little girls!

Lane said...

Aww I'm glad she is feeling better now!

Look at how long Jillian's hair is beautiful!