Monday, April 27, 2009

Baby Jules' First Birthday Bash

We had Jules' first birthday party at Mimi and Papaw's new house on Saturday. I had intended on having an outside birthday party because they have THE BEST backyard...but it was so windy that we decided to move everything inside. I think the party was really fun and I know that Jules had a great time celebrating with family and friends. We decided to have just family at the party this year because, well...we have a big family and I really only wanted to do something simple. (of course, Jules first "boyfriend" came too!)
BTW...B-Pa and CC could not make it down since they are coming on Tuesday to help us out this week while I am in Paris. I know they wanted to be here but are doing me this HUGE stay tuned for Patterson Party pictures when I get back.
Here are pictures to tell the story of the day...

The invitation
What you can't see is that they have this adorable pink polka-dot border around the outside...but for some reason I can't get my scanner to pick it up.

The table

More table

I made these cupcakes to go along with our cupcake/pink/brown theme.
I am really proud of these...they turned out so cute!

Jules' Baby Cake that she will soon get to demolish!

cupcake decorations

For the party favors, I made cupcake-shaped cookies. They didn't turn out quite as cute as the actual cupcakes...but I didn't get a picture to prove it.

The birthday girl
I found these outfits on Ebay in January and decided the whole birthday theme around them because I loved them SO much! They are halter tops...which I LOVE on little girls. I also found these bows on with cupcake ribbon in them...they were perfect!

Too bad they were laughing at Aunt Carol! I couldn't get them to look at me!

The big walking girl!

TIME FOR THE CAKE!!!!!!!!!!!

After we lit the candle, Jules just stared at the cake while we sang the whole birthday song. I was standing REALLY close after she threw her birthday candle off of her high chair at her birthday breakfast. But, she was mesmerized! I hope we don't have a pyro in our future!!!

I had to give her a little taste to help her figure out what to do next.

Now she gets it! There was no turning back after that!!!!

"Mom, are you going to stop me???"

Ah yes, the Jules we know and Love!!!! The girl who LOVES to eat!!!!

She ate with her left hand the whole time almost, and kept the right hand clean! I think she is shocked right here that this is really happening!

Jillian was totally grossed out with Jules 5 o'clock cake shadow.

I TOTALLY forgot to put her birthday crown on while she ate her cake, so had to throw it on at the last minute for some pictures!

The evidence. Baby Jules knows how to party!!!!

Here is big sis after she ate her cupcake

TIME FOR PRESENTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here is Baby Jules opening up some of her gifts

Here is Jilly coming in to help out too...she is the expert after all.

But, that didn't last long. The girls are already fighting over toys...sigh!
Look at Jules' face! She is a tough one I tell you! She doesn't let ANYONE push her around!

It's her party and she'll cry if she wants to

This little girl was starting to be OVER all the partying and attention!

Another HORRIBLE attempt at a family picture. I HAVE to remember to start taking them before our events!!!

At the end, Jules got her FAVORITE present...a new pink push car from Mimi and Papaw! I told you how she loves a hot car...well this was no exception! She was all over her new ride!

Here she is showing it off to her "boyfriend" Graham!

And catching a ride around the house...

She's happy now!!!
Just hanging with daddy.
After a while we all went outside to let the kids run around a little....and of course they wanted in the pool!

Jillian splashing around in the hot tub
It is a requirement of SETH'S children to love the water!

Baby Jules wanted in too!

I know you can't tell from this picture because this was after the party...but Jules is obsessed with my dad these days! She is constantly going to him and crawling around seeking him out of everyone! It is great and I know makes Papaw proud! She is definitely inclined to men these days...My Dad, My Papaw (her great Papaw), Uncle Caleb, Uncle Layton...just to name a few.

She also LOVES her some Mimi too! In the last week, Jules has really been reaching out and going to people besides Seth and Me. It is SO great! I guess she is feeling better and now trying to be more social! YEAH!!!!!

Loving on Aunt Sum

Loving on Aunt K

Aunt K and Jilly (it looks like she has kitty whiskers painted on)

Here is Jules with her Uncle Caleb...she was just staring at him!

And then she was laying on him! I am sure Uncle Caleb LOVED that!

With all the other stuff to take to my mom's for the party, I didn't fit our gift to Jules in our car. We got her this new green polka dot chair with her name on it! Well, as you can see from her laughter...she LOVES it! She has been all over this thing since Saturday!

Isn't this picture THE sweetest thing???
I took about a million pictures trying to get one of her face with her on the chair and failed miserably...until this picture! (Carolyn is my witness!!!!)

Here is Aunt Carol with the girls! I just gotta say that Carolyn is the best...she came up early, helped me set everything up twice, helped entertain, helped clean up and wash dishes, and then hung out with my girls for a while! She is the best friend a girl could EVER ask for!!!!!
I also want to say THANKS to my mom and dad for letting us have the party at their house and destroy their floors. They also wouldn't let me do all of the cleaning up...and helped clean up our messy party! You guys are the best and I SWEAR I will pay for the house to get cleaned next week!!!!
Also, I didn't get a picture of Jules with her great grandparents or her cousins on her birthday...and I am very sad about that. I just want her to know that they were all here too even though I don't have any evidence!
Ok, well, I leave tomorrow for Paris! Say a little prayer for me as I am NOT THRILLED to be flyiung 9 hours across the Atlantic.
Until we meet revoir!!!!!!!

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annalee said...

so much to say...
1) adorable birthday party!
2) love those outfits and the birthday girl's polka dot chair
3) have a wonderful time in paris! i'm so excited for you.
4) just tried to leave a comment on carolyn's post about meeting up with dream guy on her own (woo-hoo!), but it is private now. please let her know i would love to continue reading IF she is inviting any internet friends:)

Tara Gibson said...

love the outfits! so cute! looks like a wonderful first birthday!

and yes, carolyn when you post a comment, invite me to read your blog girl!

Tiffany said...

I love the birthday crown; where did you get it, my cousin's little girl is turning 1 in a couple weeks? I love any and everything cupcake!

Have fun in Paris!

Carolyn said...

AHHHHH I gone done and screwed it up again. I dont know what I did, but I will be changing it. :)

That picture of me is horrid, but the girls look gorg so thats all that matters.

That was the best party I have been to in a long time...and in no way is that depressing!!!

I will miss you!!!

Rachel said...

CUTE PARTY Brittney!! She looked like a little cupcake!!! I love the outfits!! Great job Mama and have a great trip!

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Mindy said...

super cute party B! And I would expect nothing less from you. Love the polka dots and love the outfits. But more than anything that is the BEST family pic you have yet. It is HILARIOUS!!!!!

Shauna said...

Your family is beautiful! And I love the party pics...

Anonymous said...

There is much material here. Jules definately had a "five'ocake shadow... The family picture was my all time favorite of the "Party of Five"! Jillian and Jules have different opinions of what they are looking at and Seth and B think it is REALLY funny...especially Seth.

Sarah Bandy Jenkins said...

That attempt at a family picture is the new reality of having more than one kid to try to get to smile at the camera at the same time! Your pictures are adorable as are your girls.