Thursday, May 7, 2009

Jillian's Exact Words Last Night...

"He is a great singer and he is a good looking guy!"

Mommy TOTALLY agrees!!!!
Seth was NOT amused that his almost 3 year old has an opinion on WHO
she thinks is "good looking"!!!!!

P.S. I am back from Paris and will post a blog very soon as I can get through my MILLIONS of pictures!

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seth said...

Lets get this straight, she didnt come up with that sentence on her own, she heard it somewhere.....

I wonder who else "mommy" thinks is good looking?

Rachel said...

LOL - at Seth's comment =)!!! Come on - he is an AR boy - we have to love him!

I agree Jillian and I think you and Claire would have tons of fun "chatting".

Glad you are back B!!

Elizabeth said...

That's great! I totally agree!