Wednesday, May 20, 2009

My Little Troublemaker

Lately, my little sweet Baby Jules hasn't been so little OR so sweet! In fact, she has been getting into all sorts of things and we think she might be our little troublemaker. That being said, it was no surprise then when Seth and I walked inside the house for MAYBE 45 seconds and came back outside to this...

Yes, not only did she play in the planter full of dirt, she also ATE the dirt.
She was coughing it up for a good 30 minutes!!!!

Here she is coughing it up...

She is HAPPY about her mess!

But she is so DARN cute! How can you be mad at this face?????

Or this one??? This is her new smile. She squints her eyes and gives us this big TOOTHY grin! I love is adorable! Jules is oozing with personality these days and I love it, although I know she is going to be causing us some trouble!!!

The mess

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Kelly said...

I love her! She is so adorable and so full of spunk!