Thursday, May 14, 2009

Mother's Day

This is a little late and no one probably remembers Mother's Day anymore...but I am just now posting about our day. I really need to work on my holiday posts sooner before they become out of date...but whatever! So, we had a really nice mother's day this year. I woke up to a homemade turkey BLT (my favorite) from Jillian and a homemade card from her as well. She picked blue because blue is her favorite color. I got about 5 cards/drawings that were all blue! I also got an Hour and a Half Massage...which I have REALLY been wanting!!!! So thank you girls and daddy who will have to babysit! :)

my blue card

my it did not fall on the ground!

Later that evening my whole family went out to our favorite restaurant, Anamias! They have the best Mexican food in Texas...and the world!!! :) After that, we went to Summer's house to give my mom her gifts.
My lovely mother

Jillian giving Mimi her card and gift

We gave Mimi one of her favorite movies...Troop Beverly Hills. I just had to post this picture of Emerson holding the movie! Isn't it hilarious???

And here is one of my gifts...Baby Jules!

She enjoyed playing in this bag for about 12 seconds!

My Mom and her daughters

All the moms, daughters, and granddaughters!
Do we need a boy in this family or what????

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Mindy said...

What a great pic! Yes you do need at least one boy in the fam. :) Just to even things up a bit. Hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day-you deserve it.

Rachel said...

I LOVE Troop Beverly Hills!!

Kelly said...

I am later than you - I may not even do one!

And I LOVE "Troop Beverly Hills!"