Thursday, May 28, 2009

I ACTUALLY Did Go To Paris...

and I DON'T mean Paris, Texas!

Okay it has officially been a month since I left for Paris, but who is really counting??? I have been busy with the kids and another trip since I got back and have just now gone through all of my pictures...and there were tons!!! Besides my hundreds, my mom had hundreds...and I won't even begin to tell you how many Gigi (one of my mom's great friends) took! So, if anyone is still interested in my is my story!

My mom was planning on going to Paris with a traveling group of around 10 women with the purpose of the trip being to hit up some famous Paris flea markets and also fit in some touristy spots as well. Well, someone had to back out at the last minute due to sick family, so my mom asked me to go. I had to tell her in 24 hours if I could, which meant I had to find back up for Seth and the kids immediately. Seth's Mom, CC could come for a few days, but then Seth would be on his own for the last 4. But being the great husband that he is, he MADE me go and said he would figure out the kids! He said I could not pass up this once and a lifetime trip...isn't he the best??? So, I signed up and a month later hopped the airplane to France!!!!

We flew out on a Tuesday and returned home on the following Tuesday. And let me tell you, we did not rest anytime in between! We were packed with things to do and I feel like we got to really experience everything in Paris that I would have wanted to experience. So, here are pictures and I can hopefully explain a little of what we did.

My Mom and I at DFW about to board the plane to Paris. It was a 10 hour flight and about the worst for me that I have ever taken! My mom and I could NOT sleep at all. Then to add insult to injury, this JERK couple in front of us laid in our laps and tossed and turned all night! It was a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG 10 hours! We were so happy to arrive!

The group..Lana, Michelle, Me, Kim, Kim, My Mom, Joy, Jana, Valarie, and Gigi

The view from our hotel room

All the buildings in Paris are much detail with rod iron and stonework! It is amazing how much detail has gone into every last window!!! All the streets are filled with buildings just like this.

Me, Lana (Gigi's friend and roommate), and my Mom.
We had so much fun shopping together the entire time at all the flea markets! Gigi is a flea market shopping extraordinaire and so she was off on her own!!!

TOURIST STOP: Versailles

This is Versailles. NONE of my pictures do it any justice on how large and amazing this place is!

The golden gate that leads to Versailles

Gigi, Me, and Mom in front of the gardens of Versailles

Although the palace was so amazing, I think we all enjoyed visiting Marie Antoinette's private village out behind the gardens. It was so quaint and adorable! I would love to live here!

Isn't this amazing?
TOURIST STOP: Some famous bar...I just can't remember the name!
It started with an F and sounds like Fo-Quats???...but I can't get anything on Google!
Michelle, Mom, and Gigi having an EXPENSIVE drink at this famous restaurant.
I think the cheapest drink on the menu was like $18!
TOURIST STOP: Basilque Sacre Coure

These are the stairs that you take to get to Sacre Coure.
There was also a monorail, but we all walked up the stairs.
Mom and I after we walked up the steps!!!
TOURIST STOP: The Eiffel Tower

This is my grandfather standing in front of The Eiffel Tower back when he was in the military a VERY long time ago.

Here is my Mom and I standing in almost the same spot all these years later! My grandfather has passed away now, and it was so neat for my Mom and I to get this picture!

It was so much bigger than I realized!

There is a road that runs along the base of the tower. We went on Labor Day in Paris, and you can see all of the tons of people who were underneath it rallying and protesting.
The Louver where we got to meet a couple of very famous ladies...
like Mona
and Venus
Here are some other fabulous places and things that we were able to see. I have tons of pictures, but just tried to upload some of the good ones that I really liked.

Moulin Rouge

Notre Dame

I just wanted to show how much detail is on this building!

A bridge over the Seini River

There was Wisteria EVERYWHERE! I guess I am becoming my mother because you wouldn't believe how many pictures of buildings and flowers I took! I am a firm believer in having people in every picture, but I just couldn't help myself!

This was the most adorable balcony I have ever seen in my life! I took this during our tour of The Latin Quarter and I just would love to have a balcony like this one!

This was my favorite building. I just thought the top of it had so much character and was just really fabulous!

And of course, we found the ONLY Mexican (Tex Mex even!!!) restaurant in Paris.
We didn't eat here, but I had to take a picture since OUR family loves Mexican Food.
TOURIST SPOT: The Botanical Gardens
I took LOTS of pictures here, but I couldn't help it.
The flowers were gorgeous and smelled heavenly!

Here are a few of us having a cocktail one night before dinner.
Jana, Mom, Joy, Me, and Michelle
Here is my mom having her first Cosmo!

The group before a cocktail party we went to one night.

Mom and Me
On our very last evening in Paris, we went on a dinner cruise down the river that ended up at The Eiffel Tower right as it started to glitter! It was such a fun evening and the perfect way to end a trip to Paris.
Kim, Jana, Mom, Me, Kim, and Joy waiting to be sat

Mom, Gigi, and Me at our table

The Sparkling do not show how amazing it was!!!!

Seth thought I took a really cool picture here with at the base of
the tower and the moon shining.

Now...what did I buy while in Paris?????
For the girls, I got t-shirts, dinner plates with the Eiffel Tower in cartoon, and a couple other little items. I got Seth some clothes from H&M. For Myself, I got an antique cake pedastal (which took hours of scrubbing to get the dirt off), an antique French Bible (1913) that had a neat cross engraved on the cover, an old wooden cross for my cross wall, an old letter opener that happened to have my initials on it, and a real silver flower vase. very favorite thing that I bought....
THIS coctail ring! LOVE it! It is so bling and big and I love it.
My Second faorite thing I bought for the girls. I wanted them to have something really cool and old that they could always have from Paris! Well, I found it...

It is an antique Baby Doll Crib! It is adorable and preious and I HAD to have it. Does it look too big for a suitcase? Well, I didn't think so since the base separates from the cradle part. But, I was wrong! The top fit nicely into a LARGE suitcase, but not so much for the base. So, what did I do? I wrapped that thing like crazy in bubble wrap, and Valarie (our faithful leader) helped me wrap the thing in cardboard and duct tape...and I checked the darn thing and hoped for the best!!!!!!

Here I am back at DFW with the base of the crib in my homeless person luggage!!!!! Yeah, it made it...and is such a hit with Jillian! She LOVES her new baby crib and plays with it every day! It was worth all the worry and struggle!

This pug picture was ADORABLE and I SOOOOOO wanted to buy it for Tyson's room, but is was around 175 Euros, which meant $200+, so I had to decline. Seth might have killed me, but isn't it cool???? (I know Rachel will love it!)
And there you have it. I had so much fun and cannot imagine how I will ever thank my mom enough for taking me! We had a great week spending time together without all the kiddos, and I am so glad we have the memories! We will always have Paris...

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annalee said...

i just got to go on a mini vacation in my mind by looking at all your fabulous pictures and finds. what a trip to remember! i'm so glad you got to go with your mom.

Rachel said...

OMG - what awesome pictures!! Yall looked like you had such a great time!! I LOVE the antique crib and I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Pug picture!! That would be hard to pass up!!! That was so great of Seth to make sure you went, just in the pictures you can tell it was a great experience!!

Lane said...

How awesome!! You took some great pictures! How cool that you and your mom were able to do that together...what great memories!

Marty Rhea Hill said...

A. Love the photos!!! B. You look AMAZING!!!! Super skinny photos!!! And C. Where are the drunk pics and stories....because I know you have them....unless you have stopped drinking wine.

What a wonderful time to spend with your mom. I know it isn't Paris (mom came to visit when I was at HUF), but we are headed to Mexico, just the two of us, next week for some scuba private lessons. I am super excited!!!!

Glad you had fun and love the ring!!!

Elizabeth said...

Great, great pictures! I was wonderfing if you were ever going to post some. It's not like you are busy or anything!!Ha! Paris is such a neat city. That's so neat how you ended up getting to go. You look great!

Allison said...

FINALLY! I am so glad to see the POST! Although my favorite thing is the picture of your grandfather!! That is so COOL. Looks like you had a blast, I like to think I was fuel that fired that post!! Looks amazing, love the homeless package! Love love love that your husband was so awesome!

Kimberly said...

Wow! I am soo jealous of your trip and your wonderful treasures!!!!! HOW FUN!

Carolyn said...

I love all your pictures B, I can't believe we haven't sat down and talked really about your trip! The pictures of you and mom, then your grandfather at the tower were really very cool. And I agree with Seth, that one with the moon shining is my favorite!!!

Now, I know this isnt the absolute best time to mention another trip....but CABO????!!!! ;)

You're welcome Seth, I love you!

Michele McKechnie said...

OK.....You did a fantastic job of documenting our
awesome week. I nominate you as our next
PR person. Loved having you with us - you fit nicely with us "old" girls!

The Red Shed Girls said...

I was SO FUN to read your take on the trip. I was such a pleasure to meet you and have you along. You were so easy going with us "old ladies". I'm glad you had a great time.
Take care,

Sandi said...

Looks like a lot of fun!!

Anonymous said...

Did you meet any of the Frugé clan?