Thursday, April 23, 2009

Jules is ONE

Well, it happened. Jules turned 1 on Wednesday and so she is no longer our Baby Jules...although I am sure we will still call her that. She is now a full blown toddler, and I gotta tell you...I don't like it ONE BIT! I miss having a teeny baby...but don't worry...that doesn't mean there will be another any time soon! So...what has our Baby Jules been up to in the last month??? Well, she has really had a rough month...and so have I. She started out by being sick for like 3 weeks and then cutting all these teeth at the same time. So, really she has been very fussy and VERY needy. I know she isn't feeling great, and I am so ready for her (read: me) to get some relief!!!! I want my sweet and happy girl back...and hopefully that will be soon. Don't get me wrong, though...she still is sweet and does this shy/sweet cuddle thing that I love. Here are some other things that she has been up to:

    • Jules weighs 19.5 pounds and is 28 inches long...25th percentile for both
    • Jules is finally walking!!!! She definitely does not qualify as an official walker yet, but the girl is constantly standing up and taking 5 or 6 steps and then falling. She laughs EVERY TIME and is really excited and proud of her latest accomplishment!

    • Jules is still a girl of few words...Mama, Dada, Jilly, and Kitty. I have been working on cup, ball, dog, and more...but nothing yet. She does constantly talk though in her own little way.

    • Jules LOVES to sing along when any of us are singing. Jillian sings LOUDLY around the house all the time, and Jules will always join her! It is so funny...she just starts yelling along.

    • Jules still adores our dog Tyson. She gets so happy to see him and always goes to him on the couch or floor, and lays her head on him. She pats him, feeds him, and loves on him daily! Tyson is used to Jillian kicking him, so I am sure he welcomes a little love being thrown his way.

    • Jules new favorite foods are watermelon and Popsicles. She LOVES watermelon. If I get the container out on the counter and she sees it, she will YELL until I give her some. She is not very patient with her food.

    • Jules is throwing MAJOR tantrums...major! She will throw herself on the floor and cause a scene! She has her own opinions and she shares them with us all the time.

    • Jules is sleeping at night from 7 p.m. until around 8 a.m. and takes CRAPPY naps.

    • Oh yeah...remember a few months ago when I said that Jules hit another milestone, but for legal purposes I couldn't tell you what it was??? Well, now I can! I think she was 8 months, almost 9, and we turned her around in her new carseat! GASP!!!! I know I pulled a Britney Spears, but I had no choice!!! I know the kids are supposed to be 20 pounds or 1 year...but good gracious, I couldn't take the crying anymore! I don't know how I got BLESSED with 2 babies who absolutely hate the car, but I did. So, now that we are legal, I just wanted to fill you in!

And here are some pictures of my girl from this month...

Jules at 12 months

Jillian at 12 months (for comparison)


My sweet newborn baby...she has always had those pink lips!

So sweet

My first time to hold her...and I am pretty sure I have been holding her ever since! HA!
She gets that name- Baby Jules- honestly!!!! She likes to be babied and sometimes I think she wants back in the womb!

This was the best picture I could get RIGHT before Jules threw the whole plate and candle off of her chair. Lets just say she was NOT in a great mood for her birthday chocolate-chip pancakes!! I guess like any woman...she just HATES getting older!

Eating her pancakes

And time for a fit. Is this terrible 2's were starting or something????

Oh the drama of little girls!!! Who could possible get upset by waking up and having someone make you chocolate chip pancakes???? These Patterson girls could I tell you! They are high maintenance!!!!!

Jules celebrated her first Easter!

She also suffered from that BAD rash!!!

And she did a lot of this....

...and a lot of this...

But she sure is cute, huh?

She has discovered her new favorite food...watermelon! She LOVES it and can eat like half a watermelon, and I am not kidding!

She wore her first piggy tails! So cute...I just want to eat her up!

She has been eating LOTS of Popsicles outside with Big Sis!

And rocking her "kini"...doesn't she have some junk in her trunk??? Love it!

She has also discovered her love for a hot set of wheels! She LOVES all of our play cars and can just sit in one of them forever! This is her new favorite. Jillian tells me it is because "pink is her bavorite color!"

Jillian has been taking Baby Jules on lots of car rides around the back yard!

Oh yeah...she's WALKING!!!!!! She laughs like this everytime.

The girl is proud of her new trick!

And finally, the big first birthday bash is this Saturday, so stay tuned for some cute birthday party pics!!!!

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Rachel said...

Sweet post Mama!!! Jules has changed in her looks, but I still see so much of Seth in her! I can't wait to see the birthday party pictures...this is such a great time of year for parties!!

Lane said...

Aww love this post! Too sweet! Happy Birthday Baby Jules! :)

Kimberly said...

Happy Birthday, Baby Jules! She is just absolutely precious, even when she gets upset!
I can't believe how fast a year went by! Wasn't just a few months ago I was holding her giving her a bottle when we met up in Dallas?