Sunday, February 5, 2012

January/February Catch Up

I feel like I do not take many pictures in January.  Its like I am all pictured out from Christmas, and so I give myself and the camera a break.  I did snap just a here is just a glimpse of a couple things we have been doing the last few weeks.

Paisley pulled up on her toy box

Paisley wore her first ponytail

The first of many I am sure!

Jules is all worn out.  It is hard pretending to be a princess all day.

CC and B Pa came for a couple days, and we celebrated B-Pa's birthday.

This is Paisley's flirting game.  She will look at you and turn her head like this.  She wants you to do it back to her.  It is about the cutest thing ever!

Here are the girls watching the Superbowl.  They were really into it.

They did enjoy the Superbowl treats we had that day.  We never have ice cream at home, but we made ice cream sundaes...and the girls LOVED them.

I love her face!

P even got her first taste of an ice cream sundae.  

And she's clapping!  I think she likes it!

Here she is pulling up again!  I think she likes to see Tyson.  This picture caught her with a not happy look on her face!  HA!

I took this picture because this is what I see every time I look down at my feet.  P is always right there with me all day long!


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