Friday, February 24, 2012

The Birthday

Paisley's birthday fell on a Friday, and we had our usual day of dance class and lunch with friends...but with a lot of birthday fun mixed in.  P had our birthday tradition of chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast. Then the girls played a little dress up.  Then we went to Jules dance class and out to lunch with our friends Holly, Presley, and Hudson.  Mimi met us out for lunch too and brought birthday cookies!  Then P got to eat pizza for dinner!  This was probably the best birthday ever in Paisley's opinion!  I forgot my camera (sad) because I usually like to take pictures of the girls all day long on their big day.  I got breakfast and dinner pictures...but missed everything in between!

chocolate-chip pancakes

baby girl shoveling them in by the handful

she's thrilled!


The big girls dressed her up too!

But she DOES NOT like to be held down for pictures anymore.  This girl is on the move!

She cleaned up nicely for the birthday picture!

Happy 1 year old!

And she's off again!

Feeding time again!  Birthday pizza for the birthday girl.

Most of her food gets donated to her BFF, Tyson.  She loves to feed this dog!

So that was the big day.  Next up is pictures of the birthday party! 

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