Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentines Day

Valentine's Day is one of my most favorite days of the year.  I know some people think it is a corny made-up holiday, but I think it is so much fun when you have kids to share this LOVE day with.  Here is our day in pictures.

Valentine's breakfast at our house.  Those cinnamon rolls WERE heart shaped before I baked them. 

Daddy and 2 of his 4 valentines

Our THREE valentines

Jules and her cute little class.
Jules is being loved on by her BFF Ellie.

Sweet P is ALWAYS along for the ride.  This girl is at Butterfly School more than some of the students!  

I happened to sign up as party mom for both girl's parties.  Don't know what I was thinking since this is also Paisley's birthday month.  This is Jillian's classroom decorations.

Jillian's place setting

Jules' class decorations

Jules' place setting

Cute Jules

Jillian's adorable class

Sweet J

My fellow party mom, Amy with her son Layton.
Layton was in my class 2 years ago

Me and Jillian

Jillian's class partying

Jules' class partying


Ms. Cheryl and Paisley
Ms. Cheryl loves P and P loves Ms. Cheryl.  She is pretty much Paisley's 3rd grandmother!  

Me and Jules our Valentine's Night at home.  We started a tradition last year of treating the girls to a "fancy" dinner at home with Seth and I as the wait staff.  The girls LOVE this and eat it up!  Here is our set up of fancy Valentine decor.

The fancy table setting for our fancy girls.  We still have no formal dining room furniture, so we improvised.

The girls opening up their Valentine's gifts from us

Jillian got really creative this year.  Not only did they dress up in all of their dress up clothes and jewelry, but she wanted to drive her own car to the Valentine's restaurant.  So, they drove around the yard in their Escalade, and then pulled up to Mama B's Valentines restaurant.  They were having so much fun pretending to be "mommies".  

I swear I didn't copy Mimi!  I had already made my own heart-shaped ice for the girls too!

The girls reading their menus

Heart-shaped (pink) ice with our finest bottle of 2012 Fresca

heart-shaped cheese for an appetizer

Daddy (head of the wait staff) also served Edamame for an appetizer

P even got in on the action.  If there is food, then she is there!!!

Our Valentines

I have to include a picture of Tyson.  He always (so willingly) plays the part of our trusty bus boy.  He cleans up the tables and floors quicker than anyone.  He should get a promotion!


I LOVE these girls!!!!

This is Paisley cheating on her first birthday.  We let her have a few tastes of a strawberry cupcake and (no surprise) she LOVED it!  Bring on the first birthday!!!!

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