Friday, February 17, 2012

Happy Birthday Mimi

So...sometime between Mimi's valentines party and the actual Valentine's Day...Mimi had a birthday!  She is our special Valentine's baby being born on February 14!  Aunt K came in town to go wedding dress shopping last weekend, so we all decided to celebrate Mimi on Saturday night for her birthday.  I think she turned 29 again...and doesn't look a day older, does she????  

Mimi always gets a pretty pink cake for her big day (except that one time.........)

Macy is such a lover!  She LOVES P so much!  

My Mom and Dad

Mimi and The Girls Gone Wild

Mimi opening her gift from us

Mimi and Paisley...the February babies! 

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Notsopc said...

Your mother looks young enough to have those grandbabies as her own babies..