Saturday, February 25, 2012

Paisley's Birthday Party

Seth and I decided that we wanted Paisley's first birthday party to be intimate, and so we just invited those that really know and LOVE Paisley.  We wanted just family and a couple of friends that we are close to.  Her party guests included: Papaw & Mimi, The Dales, Jo, and our good friends The Paniaguas and The Schlenskers.  We had a great time just sitting around watching Paisley be her cute self.  

The sign at the door

P's party hat

Party favors

the table

the smash cake

birthday cupcakes

pretzel sticks

I made this large topiary ball out of crepe paper.  Don't ever attempt this takes WAY too long to do.  I copied from Pinterest, but didn't know what I was getting into!
(P courtesy of Ms. Cheryl)

PAISLEY's name for the table

P's royal high chair

The birthday girl

P with paisleys

P with Aunt Summer
(Not P's best picture)

P walking around her toy table...her new trick.

Daddy and his girl

Mimi wore her "Happy Birthday" glasses

She even got P to try them on!

Birthday Girl!

Paisley is cleansing her pallet with some goldfish and milk.  She's getting ready for her cake!

I totally forgot to take any pictures of any of the kids.  This was all that I got!

Opening presents!!!!  P got a whole new wardrobe!

One crazy party!

P trying out the cake

Of course, she LOVES it!

Going in with both hands!

As if Paisley didn't get enough cake the first time!  I caught Papaw sharing his piece with her later on!

Papaw is such a sucker for these girls!!!

And they love him too!

We had such a fun time celebrating our little girl!  I was so sad that night thinking that she is one and how quickly it has gone.  I just hope the next 17 years CRAWL by!  :)

Happy Birthday Paisley Kate!!!
We love you so much!


Southern Queen of the Crazies said...

Love it!!

Cathy Graham said...

What a cute party! Love the high chair "throne" with the netting skirt. It looks from your photos like the bday baby ate that whole cake. ha ha Who is that HOT lady in the paisley shirt? She does NOT look like a grandmother!!! What fun memories you are giving your girls, Brittney! They are so blessed that God gave them you for a mother. Love, Cathy Graham :)