Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Sleep My Child

I have said on my blog many times how my Jillian will not sleep anywhere but her bed. And for the first three years, that was a VERY true statement. Well...lately she has been sleeping EVERYWHERE but her bed! She has recently given up an official nap in the afternoon. By the way...I had no idea this happened so early. I swear I thought kids were supposed to nap until like kindergarten or something! What in the world? Be prepared all new mothers...cherish those naps because they DON'T LAST!!! Oh yeah..where was I? This lack of napping, however, has caused her just to nod off in the most random spots and I have been documenting them as they come. We have also been very busy this summer swimming, VBS twice, playgroups, etc....and so Jillian gets tired even though she hates to admit it!!! So, I don't force her to lay down for a nap because I know she will eventually catch a little shut eye on her own terms. In case you think I am embellishing...let me share with you just a few. Please also notice just how accessorized Jillian is at all times. The girls loves some bracelets, headbands, and those DANG pink flip flops...

asleep in her closet or "reading room" while reading books

asleep on the floor right in front of her door probably waiting for
me to release her from quiet time

on the couch with me...about to fall off if I were not holding onto her

MY PERSONAL FAVORITE...asleep while standing up and laying on the ottoman

asleep on B-Pa and CC's boat

on the couch again

asleep on daddy at a restaurant

asleep on Mommy at a restaurant

close up of her sweet sleeping face

In the car...GASP!!!! My kid asleep in the must be a miracle!

asleep in the car AGAIN

Here she is asleep on the floor in the living room. She was supposed to be in her room for quiet time, but I guess she creeped out. I love how she is still holding on to her book and sunglasses (or sun-eyeglass as Jillian calls them) though.

asleep in Daddy's chair

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writing4612 said...

Haha! This was a cute post.

Shelley said...

That is hysterical! I died at the one of her asleep on in front of her bedroom door! That is so great! And the standing up one was super impressive! She is young to drop naps altogether, but I guess each kid is different! We got Liv to almost 4 yrs, but I can already see that her lil bro will be different! :) You are correct... cherish those naps while you can, they do not last forever!!!

Mindy said...

LOL! Poor girl just needs a little beauty sleep and is so cute in all her pics! I love the one where she is asleep on Seth, she looks so peaceful. I cant believe she has already grown out of taking a regular nap! I still have some 5 year olds at school that can take a 2 hour nap so keep your fingers crossed and maybe she will come back around! Good luck!

Lane said...

This is too funny!! Love the standing against the couch...impressive! Yeah, Sterling still takes naps most days and if he doesn't get one in, you would think the world was crashing around him because he is so crabby! Definitely not ready for no naps around the Brown house!! :)

Carolyn said...

I LOVE this post!!!! She is so gorgeous...those eyelashes kill me

dtexford said...

For the sake of sanity I made my kids "play quietly in their bed" between the hours of 2 pm and 4 pm every day. That was the only rule. You must do something quietly on your bed. You DO NOT have to sleep!! I had a few special toys that were only for rest time for them to choose from. I miss those days.

Oh, and she could read the digital clock. She could ABSOLUTELY not come out of her room until the clock read 4:00. If she did, she had to go to bed however many minutes early that night. (If bed time was 8 pm and she came out of her room at 3:30, she would have to go to bed at 7:30 that night.) She also had music. A CD playing softly. She almost always slept.

Kelly said...

This girl is so funny!!

Mittig family said...

Okay, haven't checked blogs in FOREVER but am so happy I just checked yours. I was laughing right out of my chair! Hope y'all are having a great summer!

Carol said...

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