Thursday, July 8, 2010

Jillian's Recital

A month or so ago (maybe 2) I posted the adorable pictures of Jillian and her dancing friends doing their dress rehearsal of their little bunny dance in their tap outfits! You can review that post here. Well, thank the Lord that I got video and pictures that know, the day where Jillian did AWESOME! Because come recital day (and $17 per recital ticket later) Jillian had one little shoe mishap, and it threw her attitude off for the WHOLE day.

I was getting a bad feeling early on when she complained that her shoe was bothering her. Well, when we went back stage to get all the girls ready, Jillian lost her composure...and it was over. I just left her behind screaming and hoped for the best. When the little bunnies had their curtain call, you can bet that everyone danced except Jillian. She didn't even bust out crying...because that could have been funny and cute. Instead, she stood there with this horrid look on her face!

I was really not happy with my little bunny by this point. I mean, I had suffered through dance class all year long with her little sister running wild. Not only that, the bossy (and power hungry) front desk girl at the dance studio continued to get onto me and Jules all year as if I wasn't trying to control my 2 year old the best that a 2 year old can be controlled!!! Also, the tickets were ridiculously expensive for a 3 year old's dance recital, but we paid anyways and drove 35 minutes away for the show!

Oh well, it only took me a couple hours to get over it and forgive my precious bunny! But, I will tell you one year we are doing gymnastics!!!!

Jillian before the show not happy with her shoe or the fact that they had to cover up their cute outfits!

Jillian and company getting ready for the show

Jillian looking for the nearest exit to get the @#&%$ out of there!!!

THIS is the beautiful face that was on display during the whole performance.
A face only a mother could love!

Here she is that evening (and much happier) showing off her beautiful flowers from Mimi and Papaw!

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