Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas Programs and Parties

 Of course we had the annual Christmas Program and Christmas Parties at our preschool.  Jillian was her normal self...singing every line and knowing every single dance move.  She was awesome.  And then there was Jules being her normal self...shy as can be and wouldn't even DARE make eye contact with any one of us!  If she did find us in the audience, she would immediately hide her head in her hands.  It was quite hilarious and adorable.  I guess (or hope) that one day she will break out of her shell at school and show her true personality.  Here are some pictures of my girls...

Jules marching into her program...and NOT looking at us!

Here she is avoiding all eye contact with us

She did get into the songs and sang and danced...just not looking at us!

Her sponge rolled hair sure turned out cute though!!!

And then comes the performer...

I think not!  :)

I think she loves the stage

singing her heart out!

Papaw and Mimi came to cheer on the girls

Papaw, Jillian, Jules, and Mimi

Jules, Me, and Paisley teething on my necklace

Jules at her class Christmas party

Poor P...just along for the ride as usual.  Poor girl never gets a decent nap in her own bed! 

Jillian at her party

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