Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Eve

This year on Christmas Eve, my family decided to get together for brunch instead of dinner.  Summer hosted the whole family and we had a great time getting together for breakfast and presents.  Since there are so many little girls and SOOOOO many presents for the little girls, we also decided the girls would all open presents on Christmas Eve.  Then all the adults would open on Christmas Day.  It was a great way to break up all the craziness of the gifts.  So, on Christmas Eve, we ate at Summers and then let all the kiddos open their gifts.  That night, our little family of 5 spent some time together opening pajamas and getting cookies and milk ready for Santa.  We all had a really great time!

Me and my baby P

6 Christmas Beauties
Jillian, Ansley, Paisley, Emerson, Jules, and Macy

Summer is the hostess with the mostess...Always!!!

the little girl section

I LOVE this picture.  
I think Paisley is is anyone going to get me???  
Em was loving on her little cousin.

The girls taking a bow after one of their AWESOME plays that they put on!
MAJOR flashback from my childhood.  Ansley is EXACTY like her mother used to be.

Aunt K with Baby P

Jillian opening her presents

P opening her first gifts.  She loved the paper for sure!

This is me giving Paisley a little help opening up her many gifts.

Paisley had a lot of usual!

Papaw is the best!  He REALLY hooked the girls up this year.  

All 5 girls got an iTouch with their names on them.  Lucky girls!!!!  

Here are the girls at home getting ready to open their one Christmas Eve gift from their mommy and daddy.  
They get matching pajamas every year!

Tearing it up!

P's first Christmas!  I can't help but take tons of pictures of her.  
I just can't believe she is already 10 months!  


In their jammies...excited about Santa coming!!!!!!!!!!!!

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