Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Sugar Plum Fairy Tea

At the beginning of December, we were invited to attend a Sugar Plum Fairy tea party with some friends.  Jillian, Jules, and I got dressed up and went with some fun friends to the tea, and the girls had a blast.  They served desserts, hot chocolate, crackers & cheese, and other little treats.  They also put on a few performances from the Nutcracker, and I think the girls had a GREAT time!  

Me and my girls

Poor Jillian had just had her head surgery.  She wasn't quite up to feeling the best!

Me, Jillian, Emerson, Summer, and Jules

Emerson, Jillian, Jules, Presley, McKinnley, and Jordan

With the mommies

 Jules and Presley having tea

Jillian with Jordan and Emerson having tea

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