Saturday, November 5, 2011

September Catch Up

Instead of trying to blog about each thing we have done these past couple of weeks, I will just let the pictures catch us up to date on what we were up to in the month of September. 

The girls started school and I am back to work at school.  I don't teach anymore since I have Paisley, but I swear I am working more now than I did when I taught.  I now shop for our school for supplies and snacks, and I coordinate the subs.   I feel like me and Paisley are ALWAYS at that school.  She is such a sweet and happy baby, that I am able to just carry her around with me all the time.  I even subbed in music with that baby on my hip!  She is like the little preschool mascot! 

The girls watched a few movies together

 We have gone to the library several times.  Jules found this adorable book and of course loved the title!

Jillian played at Cousin Emmy's house.  I think they were playing hairdresser here!

My WHOLE family took the train into downtown Dallas to participate in the heart walk.  My Dad's company sponsored a team in honor of my niece Macy, who has had 2 heart surgeries.  Here are my girls proudly wearing their red.  

The whole family

All the little girls!

The girls played a LOT of dress up!  Here is Jillian playing in the flower girl dress that Ansley wore in my wedding!

Jillian went to a LOT of soccer practices (with me and 2 sisters sitting on the sidelines each time) and played a LOT of soccer games.  

Sisters spent some quality time together.

Jillian made this felt family portrait of us.  I personally like Seth's purple shoes and high-wasted pants.

I got to meet up with my very best friend, Carolyn for drinks one night!

The girls got to go to a pottery painting party and had a blast!

And maybe the most important event, I turned 31!!!! Now I am old like Seth.

My mom made a homemade carrot cake and it was delicious!

Seth and the girls got me a brand new Macbook!  I Love it...I think.  :)  I am slowly learning how to use it.  

Poor Paisley spent TOO MUCH time in this seat!  But, she is always happy!

Paisley turned 7 months old!

P also started to TRY and sit up!

Whew....that was a busy month.  Now onto October...

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