Monday, November 14, 2011

We LOVE the TEXAS Rangers!

Back in October, the whole town was buzzing about the Texas Rangers back in the playoffs for the second year in a row.  We were so lucky to attend game 6 of the ALCS where the Rangers won and were heading to the World Series...also for the 2nd year in a row.  My dad got us all a box, and the entire family was able to go to this amazing baseball game.  (Minus my mom, who was away on a trip...the only person missing!) It was my Dad, The Dales, and Us.  My grandparents were able to come in from Louisiana.  Kourtney and Mason drove over for the game also.  Even Seth's parents were in town for the weekend, and got to go to the game too.  It was a blast all being together.  

We got to go to a World Series game last year, but the game was a real bummer.  This year, the Rangers did not disappoint.   The entire stadium was electric and the crowd was out of control.  The Rangers played the most exciting baseball that I have ever seen, and this game was for sure the best sporting event I have ever been to!  Here are some pictures from our fun night at The Ballpark!

2 Little Rangers Fans

This was the cutest fan in the whole stadium!

The family

Kourtney, Me, My Dad, and Summer

CC helping take care of Paisley

Ansley, Jillian, and Jules

Eating some yummy ballpark food!

Kourtney and Mason

We were sooooooooo happy that my grandparents could make it over to go to the game with us.  My grandfather has played and coached baseball for many years of his life.  It was so fun to see them there cheering on the Rangers.  Memaw even got up and danced a little bit!  She was VERY into the game!  

2 Little Hamilton fans!

My Dad and his parents

Seth and Me...our shadows in front of the stadium.
I cannot figure out how to lighten this picture!  HUGE BUMMER cause this is the only one I have.

the girls

The girls SOOOOOOO tired that they FINALLY passed out in a chair.  Em and Jillian are really asleep.  Jules is just pretending.  That girl can stay awake forever!!!

FINALLY asleep


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