Friday, November 4, 2011

Team Pinkalicious

Sooooooooo...I have been MIA for about 6 weeks.  But, not on purpose.  I really wanted to blog, but I got a MAC for my birthday, and I have NOT had an easy time figuring it all out.  I would consider myself fairly least in my pre-baby days, but I have not had an easy time figuring out my computer.  BUT, I LOVE it, and once I know how to use it all...then life will be great!  So, today my sister helped me with pictures and hopefully now, I am back in business at least here on the ole blog!  

So, I will start with catching us up on extra-curricular activities.  Jillian started playing soccer in September.  She is on TEAM PINKALICOUS...which is pretty much the most perfect team name for Jillian.  To this day, her favorite part about playing on this team is when they stick all their hands together and yell "TEAM Pinkalicious!"  She is a true athlete!  Seriously though, she really does LOVE it!  She looks forward to practice and games and now has decided to have a soccer birthday June.  I have been so proud of her because she really does well in the games.  She keeps up with the team and goes after the ball.  I hope she loves it and wants to keep playing.  She is fast like her daddy, and I think soccer is a great form of physical fitness.  Here is Jillian in her uniform and with her sweet little team!

She makes a uniform look good!  

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