Monday, November 14, 2011

Paisley - 7 months

Paisley tuned 7 months old on September 24th.

Here are some things she was doing at 7 months: 

  • She is eating almost all baby foods.  She loves sweet potatoes, squash, and all the fruits.  Not a big fan of peas or green beans.  I have to mix them with fruit to get her to eat them. 
  • She figured out how to put her paci into her own mouth...and LOVES her new trick.  She is doing it all the time.
  • She started saying dadadadada.  She repeats it over and over and over.  Her Daddy thinks she is saying Dada and referring to him, but it is really just her first sound.
  • She is holding her own bottle.
  • She has two teeth!  First tooth on 9/9/11.  Second tooth on 9/18/11.

Paisley at 7 months


Jillian at 7 months

Jules at 7 months

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