Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Happy Birthday Papaw!!!

Today is my Dad's birthday and we just wanted to tell him Happy Birthday and we hope his day is fabulous! My Dad is one of my most faithful blog readers...he is the first to get on to me if I have gone too long without posting! So, I know he should be reading this at work this morning! Anyway, we just want to tell him what a great Dad and Papaw he is to all of us! We are so lucky and blessed to have him in our lives!

Here are some of the MAIN reasons that Jillian loves her Papaw:

  • He gives her donut holes at Church EVERY Sunday...usually as many as she asks for!

  • He takes her outside to ride in the toy car in his driveway

  • He ALWAYS gives her a drink of his Diet Coke

  • He reads to her

  • He is WAY more fun than her Momma

We love you Papaw!!! Have a great bithday!

This is me and my Dad on his 50th! I am pregnant with Miss J

Papaw holding Jillian when she was about 1 week old.

Papaw feeding Jillian

Mimi, Jillian, and Papaw when we told them we were pregnant with grandchild #5!

Papaw and Jillian on Easter 2008

The girls decided to have a dance party on Easter Sunday...and Papaw jumped right in there with them! He is so good with girls...he should be after 1 wife, 3 daughters, and 5 granddaughters! We know that he likes being surrounded by all these women who think he is the best!!!

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Carolyn said...

Happy Birthday Dirk! He is the best, so good with all you girls and he is fabulous at doing my laundry!
We love Dirk!