Friday, May 2, 2008

A Day At The Doctor

Yesterday was Jules' first appointment with the pediatrician. My mom has been here helping me all week, but had a doctor's appointment of her Seth stayed home to help me take the girls. Jules did great...she slept through the whole appointment! She is back up to 7 pounds and on her way back to her birth weight. My sister, Summer also goes to this doctor and they know our girls well. The nurses all had such a fit that our family is now on girl #5 and we just can't get a boy to save our lives!!!
Then later in the afternoon we had to go get an ultrasound on this small spot on Jules' back. She was born with this small bruise-looking spot on her back. It is very small and the nurses could not decide if it was a bruise or a birthmark. Since it is close to the spine, my pediatrician decided we should have an ultrasound just to make sure that all was fine. Again, Jules slept through the whole appointment and did great...despite big sister in the room making lots of noise! Everything turned out great and the spot is just a skin issue and may fade overtime...we already think it has faded in the last week. We just feel so happy and blessed that it is not a serious issue!

Here are some pictures from our day at the doctors.

Jules is a little nervous about the doctor. Jillian told her it was going to be no big deal though.

Big sister looking out for little sister in the waiting room.

Jules getting ready for the dreaded scale!

Our favorite pediatrician Dr. Levy!

Jules waiting for the u/s to start

Such a cute little naked baby!

Sleeping right through it!


Summer said...

Jules looks so little plopped on that bed in the first sonogram picture. Don't think I didn't notice the matching sister outfits. You carry the torch well...

Elizabeth said...

I bet you were tired after the dr appt! Looking at summers comment- are they in matching? You are going to LOVE it! Glad everything is well with Jules!

I must say I'm impressed with all your posts!

Marty Rhea Hill said...

Jules looks beautiful. Again, love the hair. I am glad everything turned out great at the dr's office. Dallas and I made you and Jules a few fun things. Will you e-mail me your address and I can send them to you. Hope you have a great one.
Love, Marty

Hello blog buddies! It's me, Crouse! said...

what sweet little girls you have! congratulations!

Mindy said...

I am so happy everything turned out okay! She is just so perfect and so tiny. I seriously can not stop looking at her and thinking of Seth! Its crazy!

Kimberly said...

Love matching outfits already!! 2 to handle at the Dr. stresses me out but sounds like both girls were angels!