Monday, May 19, 2008

My Mother's Day Weekend...better late than never

We had a very fun Mother's Day weekend despite getting some bad news. We found out on Friday right before that Seth's granny had died. We were very sad about this news and planning our trip to Arkansas, but we managed to try and hang out as a family and have some fun. On Saturday, we went over to Mimi and Papaw's pool. They are moving soon and so this was our last visit at our private pool for the summer until their new house is hoo!

Now, my funny Mother's Day story. Seth had planned on going Friday to get my Mother's Day gift. Well, after we got the news about Granny, Seth didn't go to work...and therefore didn't get my gift since I was with him the whole day. Well, on Saturday, he tells me that he needs to stop by Best Buy for a minute and go in by himself. Well, the whole time I am out in the car, I am thinking about what I could possibly want from a Best Buy! I already have a camera, Ipod, and video camera that I what else is there? I totally figured he was getting me like a power strip or something and I was so bummed...I really set it up in my head that I was going to be major disappointed on Mother's Day morning. Well, we get up Mother's Day morning and he and Jillian go and get me breakfast...and more importantly, they leave me alone to shower and start getting ready for church without a small child following me around everywhere. Then, right before we head out for Church, he asks if I want my gift. I am so nervous about this, but go for it anyway. Well, I open it up and it is a docking station for my Ipod...and it is battery operated, so I can take it outside, in my bathroom, anywhere! I am always complaining about never hearing music anymore unless you consider the Barney theme song music! So, Seth did a great job and I love my gift! He sure set it up to look no good and then totally came through! So, we had a great Mother's Day together...and then later went and had dinner and gifts with my family. It was a really fun day and my first as a mother of two girls!

Pictures from our weekend. I really got NO good ones of the girls on Mother's Day...which was also Jules' first day at church, and I could just kick myself for it!

Jillian getting ready to go to the pool. She is so cool in her Hello Kitty sunglasses

This is now what the back of my Expedition looks like. The reason this is funny, is because I also drove an Expedition in college...and the back seat looked A LOT different then. (Am I right, Mindy???) Seth and I were in the front and we always had a ton of friends in the back...and well, we were just cooler then. is like a daycare in the back of my car! But I have to admit I would much rather look back and see Jillian and Jules' little faces than Parrish's!!!! I'm kidding, P...Miss you!!!

Jillian modeling her biking...or kini as she likes to call it.

Jules' is all wore out from a day at the pool...even though she still hasn't gotten in yet.

Jillian all dressed up for church on Mother's Day

Jules just sitting back and reflecting on Mother's Day and what it means to her

Jules' precious feet on her first day at church

Mommy opening up her card and present from the girls

Mommy and her girls on Mother's Day

Mommy and Jules

Jules' present to Mimi was to snooze in her arms!

Jillian giving Mimi her present...and a kiss to top it off

Mimi opening up her flip flops that we gave her! These flip flips have my mom written all over them!

Jules getting some lovin from Aunt Summer...she sure has a way with the babies


Mittig family said...

I'm so sorry to hear about Seth's granny. Y'all drive safely to Arkansas.

Love the flip flops you gave your mom. Are they Morgan and Co? If not, they have tons of really fun monogrammable stuff.

That's such a cute picture of you with your girls on Mother's Day. You look great! And you'll love your docking station. I kind of guessed that's what it was while I was reading your story. Eric finally made me join the 21st century at Christmas when he got me an IPOD and the docking station and it's awesome! Good job Seth.

And I also love the story about how your car looks a little different now than from college!

Carolyn said...

How funny is that Expedition true, from the stories i have heard!
Happy mothers day BFF!

Summer said...

I love the picture of you and girls. You look great.
Also, Seth got you a great gift! How fun!

Kimberly said...

Your girls look so pretty in their dresses ready for church!
YES, I can so relate to how my car is now junked out in goldfish cracker crumbs, and a lot different than college days!
You look great, B!
You are my hero right now!!