Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Big Sister and Baby Sister

Jillian and Jules decided to wear their Big Sister/Baby Sister outfits out to dinner Friday night. They looked really cute, so we had to take some pictures!! Something really funny I wanted to write on here is that Jillian calls Jules, "My Baby". She also calls Seth, "My Dada". I am just plain ole Mama, but those two must have a special place in Jillian's heart...she wants everyone to know that they belong to her!

Jillian kissing on "my baby".

Jillian ADORES baby sister!

Sweet Sisters

I love this picture because Jules looks a little worried and Jillian looks like she is up to something! Look at those mischievous eyes!!!

My big girl!

My little girl!!

This picture shows off Jules' big blue eyes. They are a really deep blue color and so pretty.


Kelly said...

WHERE did you find those ADORABLE outfits?!?!

The Browns said...

They are so cute!! Jules is already changing in her looks some, so adorable!! Great outfits!I hope you had a great Memorial Day weekend...

Kimberly said...

I LOVE those outfits and those beautiful girls should be cover models? If we end up having a girl you must tell me where you got them so I can copy if you don't mind!!

Mittig family said...

What precious little outfits. I'm SO jealous of all the matching stuff! I get to do "coordinating" outfits once in awhile, but Eric doesn't like me to do the shortalls and other "girly" outfits anymore for Will! My sister's girls are 5 and 3 and they still wear matching stuff almost everyday. Jules is just so pretty-what beautiful eyes! And Jillian looks like such a great big sister. I'll e-mail you later so we can get together!