Thursday, May 22, 2008

Jules is One Month Old

Wow...time is flying by SOOOOOOOOOOO fast! I cannot believe it has already been a whole month since Jules has come into our lives. I always hear people say this, but I find it true now more than ever...I really do not remember life without her. She just seems to be such a big part of our family and I am not quite sure what we did with our time before we had two babies to love on and take care of each day!

There is really not too much to report about Jules' first month...she is still just a teeny newborn! She is definitely awake more now than at first and she is really focusing her eyes and watching her big sister...who is always in her face! She is a Momma's girl already...which I love!!! It seems that both of my babies prefer me at first. Jillian made the switch to being obsessed with her Daddy at about 9 I am sure it is only a matter of time before Jules starts preferring the way more fun parent! But, I will enjoy it while it lasts. She is also holding her head up for longer periods and can turn her head when she wants. Both of my girls were holding their heads up in the hospital...I guess they are nosey like me! We also think that Jules is on the verge of smiling. She keeps half smiling and I keep thinking it is about to happen. Today, we were at Aunt Summer's house and Summer thought the same I am sure that is just around the corner! Jules is a big eater...she wakes up every three hours on the dot and seems ravenous to eat! She wants that food and she wants it right then!!! That is about the only time that she really cries at that is great! She is very happy and content most all the time and we feel so blessed to have her as part of our family!!!

Here is a comparison of Jillian at one month to Jules at one month. I am sure people forgot how dark Jillian's hair really was at first!

Jules at one month

Jillian at one month

Probably my favorite part of Jules is her double chin! She was born with that thing!!! I mean, she is a skinny baby, but that double chin has stuck with her...and I am so glad! It is so soft, too...and I love to kiss it! This may make me sound like a weirdo, but it is true!

Baby girl and Momma hanging out. This is what we do every night...sit together on the couch and stare at eachother!


annalee said...

she is beautiful! i love reading about your life.

Dallas said...

Before you know it, she will be as old as Jillian. She is a precious baby!

Carolyn said...

Ahhh I love the monthly pictures by the white bear! Cant wait to see the future comparisons of the two, because other than the hair they are so similar!
That double chin is SO SOFT I love it too!!! She is a Lego Man with a gullett!

Summer said...

I love that double chin on Jules, too! So cute!
Also, it is crazy just how different the girls' hair has been as newborns. How fun to have one of each color. I am hoping Jules keeps all that blonde hair!

lauren said...

You are making me want this baby to come right now! She is so adorable!! I'm glad the transition to two is going so well!

Elizabeth said...

Doesn't it go so fast the second time around? I can't believe she's already a month. She's so cute!

Mittig family said...

I love that you took both their pictures next to that same bear. What a great idea! I'm still amazed at Jules' hair. It's just so cute!

Let me know if y'all are interested in a play group this week because we still have this big blow up bounce slide that we used at Will's party for a few more days!