Thursday, May 1, 2008

More Hospital Pictures

Mom, Summer, Kourtney, and Me while I am being prepped for surgery. We all laughed A LOT and it really kept my mind off of what was about to happen! I am really close with my sisters and that makes me REALLY happy to have two daughters close in age.

Here I am right before going under the knife...I am very nervous in this picture!

Big Sister Jillian the morning that Jules was born...I think she looks SOOOO old and really pretty in this picture! She DID NOT feel good here!

Here is Jillian getting her first look at Baby Jules!

Jules and that famous blonde hair

Sweet Baby

Sleeping on Momma...this is the first time I got to hold her.

This little princess was so hungry she was going to eat her hand!
Ok, I know I am famous/obnoxious about really big bows...but even I couldn't go through with this one. I brought all my big bows to the hospital, but Jules was just too teeny-tiny to wear them. They looked a little ridiculous. This is just a sneak peak, though, of what is to come...
I think her face says it all!
Here is when we were leaving the hospital and a pizza delivery car was parked right behind us. My mom kept joking to the nurse that Seth had to go off to work right when we were leaving. You can imagine all the jokes we made about special delivery, 30 minutes or less, etc.

Daddy and Jules
Here are some of our FAVORITE hospital visitors!!!

Papaw (My Dad)

Mimi (My Mom)

B-Pa (Seth's Dad)

CC (Seth's Mom)

Aunt K (My sister)...isn't she HOT???

Uncle Layton (My brother-in-law)

Aunt Summer (my sister)...also hot, but already married

Cousin Ansley

Cousin Macy

Cousin Emerson

Aunt Carol (My Best Friend Carolyn)

Uncle Caleb (Seth's Brother)

Jo (My step-Grandmother)


Mindy said...

well I know I loved all those pics of the fam at the hospital! You were soo good to get one of everybody! Now, I think it is a good time to go ahead and tell everybody about seths new job as a pizza delivery boy so you can stay home with the girls. :)

annalee said...

oh brittney, she is absolutely beautiful! both of your girls look so fun and sweet. i'm very happy for y'all!

Elizabeth said...

I love all the pictures!! Little Jules is so adorable and I just want to touch that hair! Seeing all the hospital pictures makes me miss that. I love that part of having a baby! Did you think the c-section was easier the second time?

Mittig family said...

I'm with Mindy-how did you remember to take pics with every single person after a c-section, new baby, and sick baby at home! I was doing well to remember my own name! (Of course I was loving those drugs though!) Glad all is well!

Brittney said...

Summer and Mindy...don't give me the credit. Seth was the photographer of the week and remembered to get the pictures! We did it with Jillian and she has a whole page in her scrapbook dedicated to her visitors. Maybe Jules will too if I EVER get around to scrapbooking again!

Elizabeth...I did think the c-section was better the second time around. I think the physical recovery part has been a little harder though. Maybe I just blocked out the first go round?

Carolyn said...

Jules looks identical to Seth in the picture with his mom! WOW! Aunt Carol loves you and cannot wait to hold that little princess again!!!

Kelly said...

I love all the pix! Isn't it the best to have two princesses?? We are so lucky and blessed.

I am also a bit of a bow fanatic!

Jules is too cute and that hair - oh that hair - it is great!


Sandi said...

Love the pictures!