Tuesday, April 29, 2008

April 22, 2008

Well, Seth and I and Jillian had QUITE the eventful week last week. As I mentioned before, Jillian got sick the night before we went into the hospital. I stayed up pretty much all night with her and just worrying about her and how she would do without me...and pretty much on edge as to how this whole crazy week was going to go. I am a big planner and this was totally out of my control! Seth's parents were here to take care of her and I had no doubt they would do a great job!!! Still, I hated the thought of being away from my baby when she was sick! Well, it turns out that she got the Rotavirus and was running a fever all week long. And, yes, that means that she was not able to come to the hospital and meet her new baby sister or see her mommy (who missed her VERY much!!!). The Patterson's did bring her up for the birth, but she was gone before I got the chance to see her. We also obviously did NOT want her near the baby! Whew...what a time we had!!!

Now...onto the birth. We got to the hospital at 7:30 that morning and I got prepped for the surgery. Our family and friends seem to travel in packs when we have births, surgeries, etc...and this morning was no different. We had a waiting room full of our friends and family...which made the anticipation of the surgery much better. They took me back about 9:30 to get the show on the road. When I had Jillian, they had a really hard time getting my spinal in, and so I dreaded it big time for this birth. It ended up going in very easily and the whole c-section went EXTREMELY well! Seth and my doc kept joking that me and my anesthesiologist were going to be best friends and start hanging out. I love her!!! Finally, at 10:02 am, our baby Jules was born into this world! She was 7 pounds and 6 ounces and 18 3/4 inches long. The craziest thing was that she had a head full of bleach blonde hair...it is all anyone kept talking about. The nurses and my doctor were all shocked to see that much blonde hair on a newborn. But, if anyone was going to have a blonde baby, I guess it would have to be Seth and Me!

We spent four days in the hospital, and Seth and I really enjoyed getting to know our precious baby. She was so good the whole time! She slept all the time and never fussed. All the nurses that would take her into the nursery for her vitals told us that she never wanted to be put down! They would end up taking turns holding her the whole time because they thought she was so cute! (Looks like we will have a nice little habit to break sometime soon!)

Seth played the role of SuperDAD the whole week. He really stepped up to the plate and I was so proud of him and his love for our family. He went home every day to see Jillian and assure her that we didn't just fall off the face of the Earth! He also went home every night to put her to sleep and do her nightly routine. In between that, he was at the hospital waiting on me...getting me drinks, snacks, changing all the diapers, recording all the feedings and dirty diapers...etc! It was really nice to feel so taken care of! I felt really lucky to have him there going through this week with me!

We came home on Friday after my pediatrician assured me that Jillian was fine and the baby was more immune than she would ever be from me nursing her. I was SOOOOOO ready to see Jillian and for her to meet Jules. Jillian was officially the last person on Earth to meet her sister!!

So, now we are home and adjusting fairly well to life with two little girls! I will post later on our first week home!

A MAJOR thanks to B-Pa and CC for taking care of Jillian all week long. They made sure she was hydrated by dropping pedialyte into her mouth and did everything possible to make her comfortable! Seth and I do not know what we would have done if they hadn't totally taken care of her all week long!

My first view of that hair. Seth kept bringing pictures back to the recovery room so that I could see her.

Our sweet baby girl taking it all in...

Our first picture together on the operating table.

The princess in her going-home outfit

Sweet girl. She is wearing her dress that Mimi specially made for her to wear home. Mimi also knitted the blanket that she is laying on. What a special gift that Jules will cherish forever.

Blonde baby

Sweet Baby

Jules' first car ride home

Jules enjoying her first evening at her new house

Jillian (who looks a little rough after being sick and not eating for 5 days) is staring at her baby sister. She was very interested in this new pet that we got!

I have TONS of pictures and I will post more tomorrow. I really just want to get this post done so that I can all move on with the rest of my life! :) Kidding...but will post more sister pictures tomorrow.


Mindy said...

you are just such a great mom B! I am so so happy for you and your fam. ANd so thankful that little Miss Jules made her way into this world health, happy, and very very blonde.

Carolyn said...

I love that last picture of Jilly looking at Jules...so sweet! You guys are so great, parents of TWO amazing, healthy, beautiful little girls!
God is SO GOOD!
Love you to pieces, see you this Sunday...be ready for some champagne!

Mittig family said...

I bet y'all are exhausted! Sounds like you both had a busy week and I know how hard it had to be for you to be loving that new precious baby but missing Jillian! Will picked up strep when he came to visit us in the hospital when Maggie was born, so two days after we came home, I had a sick little boy that I couldn't get close to for three days. Heart breaking! I'm glad everyone's back to "normal" or at least your new version of that now as a family of four! Rest when you can-that whole "ten days of no lifting" after a C-section is kind of a joke huh!

lauren said...

I am so sorry Jilly was so sick and had to miss the hospital! I'm glad she's doing better now. I loved reading about the whole experience. I can't wait to hear more about the first week at home! And, I still can't get over that blonde hair either!! She is so sweet!! Post lots of pictures when you can!

The Browns said...

I am so glad to hear that everyone is healthy and home!! She is such a sweet baby and I love the hair! I can't wait to see the Buddy and Cathy at church and hear all about the event-ful week!! Get some rest whenever you can!! - Love - Rachel (and the rest of the Browns)

Sandi said...

The blond hair is beautiful!! She is soooo cute, Brittney, and I love the picture of you guys the first time together -- you look so pretty!!

Kimberly said...

I'm just getting back to blog world and was dying to check your blog to hear all about Jules and life with 2! Sounds like you guys have it down pat already!! Jillian is such a great big sister!!
Can I just tell you again how absolutely gorgeous she is! I love that going home dress and blanket, too!
Hope you are feeling okay, too, mom!