Monday, April 7, 2008

Feeding the Ducks

On Saturday, Seth and I took Jillian to feed the ducks for the first time. She loves ducks...can quack like a duck and flap her wings like a duck, too. Impressive, I know! So, we thought she would really enjoy seeing some close up. When we first got there, though, she was really hesitant to get too close. I had to finally pick her up against her will, but as soon as she saw me throw some bread for them, she was all into it. She would get so close to the water and kept trying to pick up the bread we had already thrown to throw again! She even tried to sneak a few bites of the stale bread. Here are some pictures from our day with the ducks...

Jillian enjoying the ducks from a safe distance

The little girl in action...the ducks kept their distance from us even though we had food! Snobby ducks!

I love piggy tails

Jillian showing the ducks that she too can flap her wings and quack

Jillian, the duck

Daddy trying to show Jillian to throw the bread

Now she is getting the hang of it!

Hi Mom!

Jilly trying to sneak some bread for herself

After we walked away, the ducks "flocked" to where we had been for the food! I guess the 22-month old and the annoying Pug were enough to keep them away despite the free-flowing old bread we were providing.

Jillian running away on the dock

My three favorite people...Daddy, Jilly, and Tyson the annoying Pug. Notice how far back I am...that is because I am like 15 months pregnant and SOOOOOOO ready to get this baby here!

Jillian spots a turtle

The only face shot I could get...

Jillian found a ball to throw to Tyson. It has become Tyson's favorite toy.

Jillian still has time to stop and admire the flowers!


Carolyn said...

I LOVE that last picture of her picking the flower, thats so adorable! And yes, you're like 87 months pregnant, but still gorgeous!!! I love you!

Mindy said...

I do believe these might be my most favorite pics you have posted yet! I love the one of all three of them on the bridge. So cute! ANd I love the fact that you and Jules are way far back there. Then the one of her looking out on the water is priceless. Your family is so wonderful. I miss you B! You are such a great mom. Call me.