Friday, May 9, 2008

Pajama Party

Here are just a couple of girls hanging out in their PJ's this morning! Here is Jules wearing some of Jillian's baby pajamas with monkeys on them...these were Seth and my favorites! Jillian is wearing her ladybug pajamas...but she can't seem to get the ladybug concept. She insists that the are bees. Oh well!

Jules has the skinniest feet EVER. They are long and skinny!


Carolyn said...

I just love Jilly's hair down lately! The only bad thing about it, is that it makes her look so grown up!!!

Mindy said...

the girls look so cute in their little pjs! I have a feeling you are going to be taking even more pics now that you have 2! Every time they have some type of the same outfit on, I know you will be like.."girls! Its picture time for mommy!". Too cute.

Amanda's News said...

Both girls are just precious! Hope you are doing okay and recovering quickly.

The Browns said...

The girls are adorable!! It sounds as if you are settling in quite nicely. What's not too love with more bows and pink =).

BTW - we are so sorry to hear about Granny and everyone is in our prayers. We are going to the viewing tonight and the funeral tomorrow. She was probably the nicest woman I have ever known!! - Rachel

Katie said...

Hey Brittney! I'm using your bedding as an inspiration for my bedding (loved yours so much!). Could you email me if you get a chance? I have a few questions.