Friday, July 11, 2008

Sweet Baby Jules is STILL sick...

*WARNING...this post is really long, but I want to remember the whole story! SORRY!!!

So, just because it isn't OFFICIALLY whooping cough...something is STILL going on with my baby! Poor Jules is still coughing and just can't seem to shake whatever is wrong with her. We did end up going to Arkansas for a few days over the fourth since my doctor cleared us to go...but ended up leaving early since both girls weren't feeling great! (I will post about the fourth...eventually!!!)

Anyway, so we get back into town and Seth and I and Jules stay up late watching a movie. Well, Jules starts to do her coughing thing...but this time she would wake herself up coughing and not be able to catch her breath for a few seconds! It was scary and happened about 4 times in a row! Seth really thought we should take her into the ER and make sure that she could breathe okay. So, we wake up Jillian and get in the car, and then we called my parents and they met us up at the ER. My parents have LOTS of experience rushing to the ER with my sister's kids (mostly Macy)...but this was our first official ER visit with kids...thank the Lord! Anyway, my mom takes J home and puts her back to sleep...and my Dad stays up there with Seth and Me. When we get there, Jules doesn't look too good. My Dad saw it in her too...her eyes were all purple and she was very clammy. All of these weird things together just really freaked me out and I really wanted a doctor to tell me that she was okay and I didn't have to stay up all night watching her breathe or anything!!!

BUT...that never happened! Of course, there is this MAJOR domestic disturbance going on in the ER. Some dude has beat his baby mama and the cops are interviewing him. Apparently, the woman is unconscious...and the entire family (20+ people) are polluting the ER!!! Please remember, that we do NOT live in the ghetto...but ER's must just attract the worst, huh??? This incident seems to take over the ER...because we sat there for THREE HOURS and never got seen! We were seriously NOT happy! My poor Dad had to be up to fly out of town the next morning and there he was sitting in some CRAPPY ER until 1:15 in the morning! (If you live in North Dallas, let me know...and I will tell you where NOT to go!!!) So, since Jules turned into the smiliest baby in the south and was acting fine by this time, we decided to take her home and I would just take her into the pediatrician the next day.

Here is Baby Jules in the ER looking TOTALLY fine...Thanks Jules...a little more effort on your part may have actually gotten us seen by a doctor!!! (this picture isn't the greatest...taken from my cell phone...I forgot to bring my camera to the ER...can you believe it?)

Of course, Baby Jules slept with me and Seth that night...which may be why she pulled this stunt to begin with!!! She did fine, but still had her coughing episodes....she just no longer was loosing her breath.

At the doctor, Dr. Levy can hear a lot of congestion in her upper airways. So, she wants to try out a breathing treatment on Jules. The nurse comes in first to check Jules and her heart rate is through the roof! The nurse says she has only 85% lung use...and then she sees the reading of her heart rate and actually says that the number can't be right. Then the nurse manually counts with her stethoscope...and the number was right! She said her heart was beating so fast that she couldn't count it! Of course, I am FREAKING out now...what is wrong with my baby??? Then they do the breathing treatment and her numbers jumped back to normal. She had 99% lung use and the heart rate dropped back down to normal! The whole experience had me thinking that we were about to be admitted to the hospital. Our final diagnosis was to come home on breathing treatments for the next week and hopefully that will break everything up and she will be fine after that. My doctor seems to think that she caught a virus and is just having a hard time getting rid of all that crap (for lack of a better term) in her lungs! Hopefully...this will be the last of the sickness!

So, for the next week or so, I have to give Jules a 10 minute breathing treatment 3 times a day. Needless to say...she HATES it! This baby RARELY cries about anything, but she is so mad the whole time! I just hate seeing her upset.

Here is Baby getting one of her sad!!!

Poor girl is just miserable!!

I know there are going to be a couple grandmothers out there that might shed a tear at the sight of these pics!!!

Almost done sweet girl!

Here she is right after we finish...still upset over the whole thing.

So, then I feed her to comfort her!

I will keep you posted on how this whole things turns out. I pray that this will take care of the problem and that Jules will get to feeling better VERY soon!

Here are my two girls just being together! I love how they interact already...I can't hardly wait to watch them become best friends!!!

My two girls after their baths and all ready for bed

Baby trying to find a happy place...

Jillian playing with Baby

Sweet girl is so tired... (Carolyn...Baby has major Lego Hair in this picture!)

THANKS so much to my Mom and Dad for rushing out of bed and meeting us at the ER! We know we can count on you always and we are so thankful to have you so close to us!!!!!

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Carolyn said...

You took the words right out of my mouth! Here are my observations from this post:
1) There were a few Aunts out there shedding a tear looking at her and that breathing treatment too!
2) The Lego man hair is SUCH a great comparison I LOVE that you totally knew what I meant by that! Only you and I...I swear...
3) It's shocking how much Jules looks like Seth in the crying picture after the treatment and how much Jilly looks like you when they are "playing"...
and 4) "trying to find a happy place"...LMAO! Cue the crying game, thumb in mouth in the shower scene!!!!

Marty Rhea Hill said...

B, The same thing happened to my cousin and her little boy. On Dallas' blog, Newton News, is what sweet little Bailey looks like. After a few at home breathing treatments, Bailey was as perfect as could be. SOOOOO sorry you had to worry but keep your chin up.

Brittney said...

carol...I SOOOOOOO left the comment of the baby trying to find a happy place because I knew that you, my mom, and my sisters would TOTALLY get it...but you especially!!!!!!! I am so glad that you gave the shout out on your comment...this is why I love you more than my luggage! glad you found the blog and keep in touch! You HAVE to start your own blog...want to know what is up with you too!!!

annalee said...

SO glad she is okay!

Vanessa said...

Oh how scary...Thank God she has such wonderful parents like you and Seth. Maybe the crying during/after the treatments will strengthen her little lungs so she can get rid of that "crap." Just a question, have they checked her for reflux? Vanessa

marcy said...

Where was the WARNING...the pictures you are about to see are gong to make you sad/angry?
You are right - I can't stand it. It makes her all the more innocent looking. I hope and pray she will soon be over this and she/we will forget the treatments. God bless that baby!

I didn't realize how much our family uses that comment until today. Brittney, the babies and I were walking in the mall and eventually Jules has had enough of it. She starts to let us know she is ready to get out of the stroller and Brittney saysto her: FIND A HAPPY PLACE. My comment is: This is the happy place! It won't get much happier than this.

The Browns said...

This post made my heart hurt for poor baby Jules!! We will keep you in our prayers!!

Not sure about the "Happy face.." comment, but all I can think about it when I hear it is "Finding Nemo"...=)!